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Syria, Libya And The Endor Problem

Note: I say “we” a lot in these kinds of posts, for convenience more than anything. It should be taken to mean “the West”, as in the general “Western World” of which Ireland is a small, but legitimate, part. A … Continue reading

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Thoughts On “Pillar Of Defence”

On Wednesday I was so wrapped up in Irish news that I missed Israel re-starting large-scale military operations in Gaza. The following is an expanded version of my thoughts that I shared on social media throughout yesterday, so forgive me … Continue reading

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The Third Presidential Debate

So, third debate time, after the first and second. This is primarily a foreign policy debate and follows much the same rules as the first debate a few weeks ago. Romney needs something out of this. The polls are stabilising, … Continue reading

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Six Days By Jeremy Bowen

I finished this a few weeks ago, so I’d like to offer my brief thoughts on the book and the Six Day War in general. On the book: -It’s a decent read, overall, not too biased towards either side which … Continue reading

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Libya: The Dangers Of Intervention And Free Speech

It may seem like I only discuss Libya when something bad happens. In that regard, I can only plead my subsistence on what I get to read on a daily basis. A country struggling to exert control after a somewhat … Continue reading

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The Stupidest Thing I’ve Read This Week (13/5/12)

Third place this week goes to Fox News, and the initial headline they put up in response to President Obama’s declaration regards gay marriage. They altered it pretty quickly. I’m not sure why they did, considering how the first headline … Continue reading

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Israel And Douhet

A fascinating piece by Jeffrey Goldberg on Bloomberg about Israeli expectations of war with Iran. Especially of note is this paragraph: A widely held assumption about a pre-emptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities is that it would spur Iranian citizens … Continue reading

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