The Stupidest Thing I’ve Read This Week (13/5/12)

Third place this week goes to Fox News, and the initial headline they put up in response to President Obama’s declaration regards gay marriage. They altered it pretty quickly. I’m not sure why they did, considering how the first headline accurately sums up the ethos of the “objective” reporting that surrounds the organisation.

Second place goes to the content of this web page, devoted to Tucker Max, an internet based comedy writer in the style of Maddox and parts of Cracked. That is, a sort of occasionally intolerable chauvinist style of humour (read: lots of rape jokes), which brings laughs and outrage, not always in equal measure. Tucker Max is not my favourite guy hence why I so enjoyed this page.

It is a simple recording of some of Max’s words regards the movie based on his works “I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell”. During filming and promotion, Max talks of gross dollars in the 80 million range, how the movie will lead to the creation of an airline, how his movie is far superior to the likes of The Hangover, and just generally acts like a pretentious ass, a man who has made it through the dense web of Hollywood through his own genius.

Then it skips to after the movie was released and tanked. Here’s an example of the before and after.

Before (28/8/08):

What more can I say about Bob Gosse? Other than the fact I thank God every day we were lucky enough to get him to direct the movie, I’m not sure. EVERY financier (except Darko Entertainment) questioned our selection of Bob Gosse as director on this movie, and now that we are finished shooting, I have to say it: I told you I was right about him! Not only was he the right pick to direct this movie, at this point I can’t even imagine anyone else doing it, and keeping it together. Bob had the impossible job of containing and dealing with Tucker Max on his first movie, and he not only did it, he made a great movie in the process, and taught me a lesson I needed to learn. I haven’t written about it because now is not the time and this isn’t the place, but Bob and I had our issues during filming. That story – the one about the movie behind the movie – is very interesting and will be told in full one day, but I will say this now: Bob saved me from myself, and in the process helped me more with life than he did with the movie. And he directed the movie – which should tell you how much I have learned from Bob Gosse.

After (29/9/10):

Well, the big thing that I would say would be that the co-writer Nils [Parker] and I would direct it. We had a director on the last one, and he just didn’t – we thought he understood the vision, and we thought he got it, and it turns out he didn’t…it seems like a little thing, but it makes a difference if you understand movies. Like, I think the movie is lit really poorly. I think it looks like – you know, I mean, we spent $7 million on the movie, which is not a small amount – it’s not a huge amount for a movie by any stretch, but definitely more than enough to make a movie look professional, you know? And that version looked very indie and very gritty, and I just thought it looked like sh*t. Like, it didn’t look good. And that’s the director’s fault…he fuc*ed up; he lit it incorrectly. And that seems like a small thing, but it makes a huge difference. Like, that’s one thing I would do differently. And I don’t know, there’s probably a million other little things that we would do differently, but that’s, like, the big thing.

(4/10/09)There is a reason he hasn’t been involved in this movie since he showed everyone his directors cut, and answering those questions above can give you all the understanding you need of Gosse’s attempts to spin the situation to help his career in the one interview he has done for this film.

I enjoy reading things like this, not just because it illustrates the stupidity and undeserving arrogance of the subject, but because of the lesson it proclaims: in today’s world, someone is recording everything you say.

But the winner this week is of a far more serious type and goes to Lt. Col. Matthew A. Dooley, as well as whoever approved this series of lectures he delivered to members of the United States military. Dooley advocated a “total war” strategy against Middle Eastern targets, including Hiroshima level attacks on civilian populations, as well as taking about the “fact” that there is no such thing as moderate Islam. He also takes some shots at liberals and the press along the way.

It’s fairly atrocious. Dooley’s teachings are the exact wrong kind of thing he should be telling young men and women headed to war zones in Muslin areas, hence their (eventual) cancellation. One could only hope that the damage he instilled, in recommending such an inhumane, bigoted and hateful view of one of the worlds major religions, was not lasting. The United States will not win the any wars in the Middle-East or beyond by stereotyping civilian populations in such a manner, by acting as if they are the “enemy” is as Dooley describes. Such thinking only promotes a cyclical conflict, one that never reaches a conclusion based on mutual respect or any kind of peaceful reconciliation. Dooley is the kind of, man who, 60 years ago, would be describing Germans in the same terms.

And that is pretty stupid.

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1 Response to The Stupidest Thing I’ve Read This Week (13/5/12)

  1. Starbuck says:


    Right-wing mil blogs defending said anti-Muslim conspiracy.

    The only true milblogs are right-wing ones, apparently.

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