The Hobbit, Chapter-By-Chapter: Index

Just like the index page for my The Lord Of The Rings readthrough (which you can find here) I thought it was time to do one for my The Hobbit series. As with LOTR there, these descriptions might be droll, but the entries themselves largely aren’t.

Chapter One: An Unexpected Party – Wherein our intrepid burglar deals with the cultural minefield of asking other races to clean up after themselves.

Chapter Two: Roast Mutton – Tolkien tackles class war in his own indomitable style.

Chapter Three: A Short Rest – The elves are…not as I remember.

Chapter Four: Over Hill And Under Hill – Because “Over Mountain And Under Mountain” was a bit much.

Chapter Five: Riddles In The Dark – Hang on, I’m trying to remember a good one about being an old man in the morning, or something.

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