She ain’t going nowhere soon, and certainly not Gaza.

Of course, there is only one suspect, and while my slightly pro-Israeli feelings prompt me to give out a smug “Prove It!”, I will bow to the inevitable: Israel, or rather, someone acting under orders from Israel, probably sabotaged the boat (though I suppose, a more hilarious option is the crew members messing the ship up due to incompetence and blaming it on Israel, but I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt. Occam’s Razor. It’s too convenient . Regardless we’ll never, ever know for sure).

I won’t get into the flotilla debate, not again anyway, but I’m happy that we won’t be seeing a bullet ridden Irish vessel anytime soon. I suspect we’ll see the usual with this flotilla, which is for it to get as close as it can, then back off under threat from the Israeli Navy. It goes to a port of Israel’s choice, and all aid goes through the official channels.

Some of it will get to Gaza. Some of it will not.

That is, unless one of the boats is committed to an incident and did not leave port with any intention of coming back. That was never going to be a ship with an Irish crew of course.

Anyway, some may cry foul about this, but Israel stopped playing fair a very long time ago. Suicide bombings and rocket attacks will do that. This ship was warned, choose to ignore those warnings. Israel, if they did do this, was targeting a ship, not a nation.

Oh, and whether they broke their own ship or let someone break it, the Saoirse is clearly crewed by dimwits.

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