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Ireland’s Wars: The Second Desmond Rebellion Begins

In 1579, the Tudor administration seemed to be on the up throughout Ireland. Leinster had been largely pacified, the Pale secured, the Earldom of Ormond onside. Connacht was in the process of being pacified, the MacWilliam Burkes and other rebels … Continue reading

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Eurovision 2012: Swedish Beyonce

Yes, it was Eurovision time again. Like last year, I thought I would offer some quick thoughts on the contestants. United Kingdom Think Humperdinck is a bit too old for this show. So old, they had a very young dance … Continue reading

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A Good Guest Knows When To Blog

NFB has another guest post (Decisive Battles (That Really Aren’t) at Wings Over Iraq, one using this fancy new website called “Youtube”.

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Counter-Insurgency In Cosmo And Transformers

This is awesome and everyone should read it. A bunch of military figures envision what a Counter-Insurgency themed issue of Cosmopolitan magazine would look like. And from there, I found this hidden gem from Wings Over Iraq, something I had unforgivably … Continue reading

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Of Mouse And Man: A Conversation Inside My Head

My Impulsive Side: Geez, that new Chinese Stealth fighter looks kinda scary. This is going to inflame tensions in that region – moreso. I mean, what has the US military pulled out of its ass lately? My Rational Side: Oh … Continue reading

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Answering Reader Comments

It’s a busy life, that of a famously successful blog writer. Between all of the parties and conventions and occasionally writing, its difficult to keep track of all the readers who have chosen to leave comments or messages. I regret that … Continue reading

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