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Syria, Libya And The Endor Problem

Note: I say “we” a lot in these kinds of posts, for convenience more than anything. It should be taken to mean “the West”, as in the general “Western World” of which Ireland is a small, but legitimate, part. A … Continue reading

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The Third Presidential Debate

So, third debate time, after the first and second. This is primarily a foreign policy debate and follows much the same rules as the first debate a few weeks ago. Romney needs something out of this. The polls are stabilising, … Continue reading

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Invasion And Intervention: The Bruce Campaign

What are the key points for interventionism/invasion in foreign countries and what can we take from history in relation to that topic? On Tuesday I rounded off my discussion of the Bruce campaign in Ireland, fought from 1315-1318, when Edward … Continue reading

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It has been pointed out that I haven’t said anything about Syria at all, which may seem odd considering the amount of time I spend harping on about Libya. Part of this is a general burnout on such a topic, … Continue reading

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Libya: What Is Being Ignored

North Korea. Burma. Palestine. Basque counties and Catalonia. Columbia. Large parts of India. Indonesia. The Philippines. Laos. Kurdistan. Turkey. Uganda. The Congo. Chad. CAR. Sudan. Senegal. Somalia. Ethiopia. Algeria. Mali. Mauritania. Morocco. Nigeria. Iran. Pakistan. Thailand. Cambodia. Russia. Yemen. Ivory Coast. … Continue reading

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