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Review: Mitt

Mitt Trailer It’s strange to think that in the infancy of the United States, the time of the “founding fathers” that men like Mitt Romney are so quick to namedrop as an era to aspire too, it was considered taboo … Continue reading

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The Third Presidential Debate

So, third debate time, after the first and second. This is primarily a foreign policy debate and follows much the same rules as the first debate a few weeks ago. Romney needs something out of this. The polls are stabilising, … Continue reading

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The First Presidential Debate

I don’t write a gigantic amount about American politics – last time was here really – but last night was the first of three debates between President Barack Obama and Republican candidate Mitt Romney. I decided, on a whim, to … Continue reading

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Libya: The Dangers Of Intervention And Free Speech

It may seem like I only discuss Libya when something bad happens. In that regard, I can only plead my subsistence on what I get to read on a daily basis. A country struggling to exert control after a somewhat … Continue reading

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The Stupidest Thing I’ve Read This Week (13/5/12)

Third place this week goes to Fox News, and the initial headline they put up in response to President Obama’s declaration regards gay marriage. They altered it pretty quickly. I’m not sure why they did, considering how the first headline … Continue reading

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The Stupidest Thing I’ve Read This Week (14/4/12)

Third place goes to this tweet: RTE’s League of Ireland highlight show decided to show some footage of a women’s football game last week. A few people, followers of First Division clubs in the LoI, were annoyed as the show … Continue reading

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Israel And Douhet

A fascinating piece by Jeffrey Goldberg on Bloomberg about Israeli expectations of war with Iran. Especially of note is this paragraph: A widely held assumption about a pre-emptive strike on Iran’s nuclear facilities is that it would spur Iranian citizens … Continue reading

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The Next Republican Failure

I have refrained from commenting on American politics for a while now, but I can’t resist offering some thoughts on what’s been happening over there in regards to picking a challenger to Barack Obama for this year’s Presidential election. First … Continue reading

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The Queen And Obama: “Yes, One Can”

It’s fair to say that the visits of the last week went well enough, but Obama’s must be seen as the better. The Queen of Great Britain visiting these shores is an important moment in our history and in Anglo-Irish relations, … Continue reading

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Changing NATO

NATO is changing and its coming 20 years after it should have happened. Since the fall of communism, NATO has found itself increasingly irrelevant, its role as a self-defence pact seen more as a disadvantage then an advantage. The problems: … Continue reading

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