Kildare North: Second Count

The second count, the distribution of Catherine Murphy’s surplus, is in. The 1320 votes have fallen thusly:

Murphy (SD): 11108 (Elected)

Lawless (FF): 7592 (+131)

O’Rourke (FF): 6486 (+145)

Durkan (FG):  6268 (+121)

Lawlor (FG): 5490 (+84)

Stagg (LAB): 4288 (+201)

Cronin (SF): 3323 (+118)

Ni Fhalluin (G): 1649 (+164)

Young (IND): 1323 (+123)

FitzGerald (R): 1086 (+92)

Merriman (A-P): 873 (+92)

Beirne (IND): 389 (+17)

Dunne (IND): 261 (+12)

O’Sullivan (IND): 119 (+20)

Which makes things look like this:


It’s a fairly even distribution that doesn’t really help anyone in a major way. Stagg, somewhat surprisingly, gets the lions share with O’Rouke, Lawless, Young, Ni Fhalluin and Durkan all getting more of them than Cronin, who really needed the boost.

Beirne, Dunne and O’Sullivan have now been eliminated together, a total of 769 votes to be redistributed, which should make for a short enough third count. Updates to follow.

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