Kildare North: Third Count

The third count is in, delayed by the closing moments of the Kildare South count. The distribution of the also-ran Independents’ votes went as follows:

Murphy (SD): 11108 (Elected)

Lawless (FF): 7696 (+104)

O’Rourke (FF): 6528 (+42)

Durkan (FG):  6302 (+34)

Lawlor (FG): 5544 (+54)

Stagg (LAB): 4349 (+61)

Cronin (SF): 3390 (+67)

Ni Fhalluin (G): 1715 (+66)

Young (IND): 1467 (+144)

FitzGerald (R): 1154 (+68)

Merriman (A-P): 943 (+70)

Beirne (IND): 389 (Eliminated)

Dunne (IND): 261 (Eliminated)

O’Sullivan (IND): 119 (Eliminated)

Which gives us:



Not surprising to see most of the Independent votes going to Young. A bit more surprising to see so many go towards Lawless, only Young and Stagg have proved more transfer friendly so far. In the end, not enough to really change things one way or another. Merriman failing to overtake Renua must be a disappointment for her.

Merriman is now eliminated, and her 943 votes are the next to be distributed. You’d think a fair bit of them will go to Young first and then Cronin, and she needs every last vote she can get to stay in the fight. Not sure when the count will be called for the night, but will surely be continued on tomorrow at some point.

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