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Ireland’s Wars: The Ulster Volunteer Force

For the last while, when it comes to the military history of Northern Ireland, we have been very focused on the IRA, its spin-offs and the cause of militant republicanism. It’s perhaps only natural, given that in the time period … Continue reading

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RTE (5 Days To Election)

The future of Ireland’s national broadcaster, and how Ireland’s political parties view the securing of that future, is an important issue for me in this election. It is important for more reasons than the public service that RTE carries out, … Continue reading

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Candidate Videos From Kildare North (20 Days To Election)

So, RTE came up with a really great idea for this election cycle, by inviting every registered candidate to film a short one-minute piece to sell themselves to the electorate. You can find the staggeringly long list of candidates here. … Continue reading

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In Defence Of RTE’s Rebellion

I waited until the series was concluded to write the following, which is spurred on by the intense criticism that RTE’s efforts to dramatise the 1916 rising has gotten, from a wide variety of sources. I don’t speak so much … Continue reading

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Revolutionary Remembrance: “My Civil War” And “A Lost Son”

(Note: The two hyperlinks in this article will expire a few weeks after publication). Over the last few weeks, RTE has aired two documentaries about the Irish Civil War. The first was My Civil War, a look at the descendents … Continue reading

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The Stupidest Thing I’ve Read This Week (21/4/12)

Third place this week goes to the Labour Party and some of the stuff they were saying/doing at the weekend at their yearly conference. In response to protests outside the building that began to get a little rowdy, you could … Continue reading

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The “Tweetgate” Effect

Poor old Sean Gallagher. The whole affair over that Frontline debate had a stink of it, and it wasn’t just coming from him. The revelation that RTE botched its own vetting procedures on accurate content to introduce to the debate … Continue reading

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Cloch Le Carn – Dermot Earley

RTE aired an excellent recounting of the life of Dermot Earley on Monday. Earley was a Lt. General in the Irish Defence Forces, its Chief of Staff from 2007 to 2009, a veteran of numerous peacekeeping missions, a Gaelic Football … Continue reading

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The Last Debate

Here we go with the last debate, and also another liveblogging experiment. Well, not really, but I will be updating this post as we go along. So, just hit refresh if you’re interested in keeping up. Edit: Debate is done, … Continue reading

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Debating The Debate (21 Days To Election)

The big thing today seems to be Enda Kenny’s refusal to appear on TV3 with Vincent Browne, over some alleged remarks the TV3 man-made at a charity dinner a while back (allegedly, allegedly, Browne suggested Kenny should lock himself in a dark room with a gun and some whiskey). I … Continue reading

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