Debating The Debate (21 Days To Election)

The big thing today seems to be Enda Kenny’s refusal to appear on TV3 with Vincent Browne, over some alleged remarks the TV3 man-made at a charity dinner a while back (allegedly, allegedly, Browne suggested Kenny should lock himself in a dark room with a gun and some whiskey).

I can certainly understand why Kenny wouldn’t want to be in a debate moderated by someone he personally dislikes, but it is more than that. Browne (allegedly) has demonstrated an obvious dislike of Kenny, and that simply isn’t good enough to moderate a leaders debate.

I don’t like Browne and I think Kenny is right, but this is going to hurt him. He looks cowardly and stand-offish. He’s trying to make it into a principled stand. That won’t work. As it is, I predict this will all be sorted by the end of the weekend. The RTE-TV3 shared debate looks fine. RTE should be the prime arena for a debate anyway, especially between all five parties, because of their time allotment rules. NFB will be covering them anyway.

All that, and we lacked discussion on the much more important bit of FG news: their pledge to wind-up Anglo-Irish and Irish Nationwide by the end of the year. Something we can all welcome at this stage.

Oh, and apparently some wavering from Fine Gael in terms of their Irish language policy. I certainly hope they aren’t drawing back from their plans to get rid of its compulsory status because of a few naysayers.

Late night, Primetime was a total waste. Worthless eight person debate on Irish party lines. Richard Boyd Barrett doesn’t think money in banks is “real wealth”. Richard Boyd Barrett is a moron. Fianna Fail’s Mary Fitzpatrick, in a hell of a battle in Dublin Central, seems way too nice. That’s not a compliment, she seems like the kind of person who’ll get eaten alive in a proper debate.

And the People Before Profit twitter account is one of the bitchiest I have ever seen. Seriously, they just hate everyone.

EU officials are saying that renegotiation of the bailout deal is a fantasy. FG says different. Hmm…Hard to see where this whole issue goes pre-election.

It’s been all jobs, economy, investment etc, so far. That’s fine, to be expected, but I hope we can get some stuff on, say, foreign policy, defence, international relations etc. I suppose we’ll get that stuff eventually, once some of the more mindless economic soundbites have been worn out.

Dan Boyle is going around claiming the Greens can find a place in a FG/Lab coalition. It’s a shockingly desperate statement to make. Leaving aside the fact that the Green’s are pariahs within the Dail right now, the very best they can hope for in this election is two seats. That’s just above an Independent in worth. What makes you think you’d even be in a position to effect a FG/Lab coalition? It seems clear that the Green’s have chucked the rulebook out early and are just going for it, however they can. I’m guessing Dan Boyle see’s himself in Gormley’s chair post-election. He’s welcome to it.

The ULA want to tax those earning over 100’000 at a 70% rate. Way to destroy the incentive to earn more.

Eamonn O’ Cuiv “hopes” that FF can win “at least one seat” in his constituency. That speaks volumes on FF mentality and how much things have changed in the last while.

Terrible weather is effecting canvassing bigtime. I want to raise the issue of these posters, being torn from lamps and being flung around by the winds. They’re big and have sharp edges. They can hurt people. I would have the utmost respect for any candidate who voluntarily choose to take his/her posters down to offset this possibility. After all, if one of your posters kills someone, you’re not going to get elected.

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