11 Quick Thoughts About Dredd

1. It says something about the Dredd franchise that the emotionally dead performance delivered by the constantly helmeted Karl Urban is actually quite a good adaptation. He doesn’t need to grow as a character or say much.

2. The “day in the life” style plot they went with is just a million times better than the much more “epic” thing they tried (and failed) to do with the Stallone version.

3. Olivia Thirlby is supposed to be the human side of the Judge system I suppose, but her whole part is just a bit to cliché I think.

4. I quite liked Lena Heady as the villain, even if she’s just a slightly more hands on Cersei Lannister.

5. If there is a film to compare this to, it’s Attack The Block. And I loved Attack The Block.

6. That kind of electronic/dub-step heavy soundtrack does fit the universe very well.

7. It works that the setting is presented as an evolved form of certain socio-economic locations today. Take away the fancy guns and the extra high tower block and this could be set in the present day.

8. You know what else it reminded me of? The Wire. And that’s awesome.

9. Even though it’s just an action movie really, Dredd just has that little extra something. The set-pieces, especially the one with the miniguns, are really inspired.

10. I suspect that the many slow motion sequences are designed for a 3D audience, which I was not a part of. In a 2D screening they seem ponderous and ill-fitting for this movie.

11. Dredd has its dark humour moments, but nothing as funny as this.

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