You Don’t Sing When You’re Winning (Lovely Left Foot)

Deep into the second half of their first Champions League game of the season, Manchester United’s big summer signing, Robin van Persie, heads across to take a corner kick.

It’s a big game in Old Trafford, a big season. The two key failures of last year – crashing out of the Champions League at the group stage and losing the title to Manchester City of all teams – have combined to make the current edition of the English top tier a critical one in the clubs history. This has to be considered a big, big year for the Old Trafford faithful, a time to really get behind the team and help drive them on. Here, especially, as Manchester United defend a one goal lead over the hard fighting Turkish champions, and seek to kill the game off with a second goal, to break out of what has been a somewhat disappointing show of form.

As Robin Van Persie takes his corner kick, he does so to a chorus of boos and jeers. They come from the visiting fans.

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