Better Know A Micro-Party: The Rest, Part Three

Workers and Unemployed Action Group – No online presence

A south Tipperary group focused in unemployment issues almost exclusively. Part of the ULA. They have five Councillors and will field one candidate, Sheamus Healy, in the coming election.

Pirate Party Ireland –

Inspired by the Swedish Piratpartiet, the Pirate Party focus is on information and technology laws, and the liberalisation/freedom of the same. Of course, they’re really just Torrentors and Rapidshare users worried about the flow being cut off. Not registered in time for the election, they hope to run Independents.

Irish Republican Socialists –

Claiming to be legacy of James Connolly, a barely operating Socialist group. Heavily tied to the INLA. Opposes the Good Friday Agreement.

Republican Sinn Fein –

Another Sinn Fein spin-off. Slightly more radical. One Councillor. Tied to the Continuity IRA.

Christian Solidarity –

Previously defunct, the Party is running several candidates, in Dublin and Limerick. As the name suggests, a heavily religious group that’s been around for ages with an anti-Abortion, anti-EU focus, with no success.

The rest of the “Better Know A Micro-Party” entries can be found here.

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