Gilmore Can’t Have My Organs! (11 Days To Election)

I’m guessing it is just to be contrary, but the Green Party has come out in defence of the Seanad. Really, they’re doing anything to stay in the spotlight and distance themselves from Fianna Fail, even if the idea is a total non-runner like this one. The more recent polls suggest they may retain at least one, or even two, seats but I just don’t see it happening.

What happens to the Greens after the wipeout is up for debate. I doubt it’ll be a Progressive Democrat style extinction, but the Party will be in a bad place. They have enough grassroots support to survive, but they will need major changes in personnel if they are to return to the Dail by 2016.

Labour are planning on instituting some kind of automatic organ donation scheme? You can opt out of it, but…I dunno. All it will take is some uninformed person having their heart taken out without next of kins knowledge and a storm will develop. At least it’s not like America, where such a suggestion would be answered by cries of “death panels”.

The “renegotiation” train takes more turns today, with Olli Rehn acknowledging that interest rates may be changed. That’ll be a boost to FG and Labour but he wants that it would be a decision for the EU to make, not Kenny or Gilmore. But, as Rehn pointed out, the Irish state (not Fianna Fail or the Greens) has made a commitment and that commitment has to be honored.

Fianna Fail continue to struggle. They just can’t seem to really do anything to reverse their flagging fortunes and the fact that they’re not campaigning on the idea of being returned to government, the first time in history they’re not, is ample proof of the kind of state they are in. The Fine Gael/Labour fighting initially appeared good for them, but it has gotten to the extent that no one is even paying any attention to FF, convinced that they aren’t even worth considering in this election.

Debate day, the five way on tonight. Report to come tomorrow, once I’ve had time to digest. But my prediction right now: Everyone declares Martin and Gilmore to have out-performed Kenny with Adams also praised.

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2 Responses to Gilmore Can’t Have My Organs! (11 Days To Election)

  1. Shrapnel says:

    I find it funny that both Labour and Fine Gael want to abolish the Seanad, then set up a new talking shop in the form of a citizens assembly, with more proposed members than the current Seanad. It strikes me that they’re throwing this body out, only to set up a new similar one, instead of repairing what they have. It’s like the plan to get rid of Fás and set up a new ‘back to work’ organisation. We’d spend less money fixing what we already have, instead of Firing people, then hiring those people back into the same organisation with a different name.

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