NFBs General Election Index

The coverage is done. if you ever feel nostalgic, you can come here.

The Daily Round Up Posts

And Here We Go (24 Days To Election)

Promises, Promises (23 Days To Election)

Honest Fighters (22 Days To Election)

Debating The Debate (21 Days To Election)

This Is A Party Political Blog Post, On Behalf Of NFB (20 Days To Election)

Quantum Of Nonsense (19 Days To Election)

Golf Is Bad For Politics (18 Days To Election)

17 Candidates!? (17 Days To Election)

Toothless (16 Days To Election)

Stop For A Minute (15 Days To Election)

Manurefesto (14 Days To Election)

Cat Fight! (13 Days To Election)

Sunday, Boring Sunday (12 Days To Election)

Gilmore Can’t Have My Organs! (11 Days To Election)

Debates, Defence And Daring Do (Ten Days To Election)

14 Years Later, No Irish (Nine Days To Election)

FG/Lab Or FG Vs Lab? (Eight Days To Election)

“Ka Zum” Not “Tcha Zum” (Seven Days To Election)

Bored (Six Days To Election)

Our Father…(Five Days To Election)

FG And Labour, BFFs Again (Four Days To Election)

The Children Are Our Future…Referendum Topic (Three Days To Election)

No Leader, No Debate (Two Days To Election)

Success And Nowhere (One Day To Election)

Election Day

The Count

The Count: 0940 To 1400

The Count: 1400 To 1900

The Count: 1900 To 2300

The Count: 2300 Till Late

The Count: Sunday

The Count: Monday

The Count: Final Words

The Weekly Dail Outlooks

The Next Dail

27 January

3 February

10 February

17 February

24 February

Limerick City

Let’s Talk About Limerick

Limerick In The Frontbench

Meanwhile, In Limerick

Limerick’s Green Candidate: Sheila Cahill

A Limerick Poll (For What It Is Worth (Little))

The Limerick Candidates And Success

A Limerick Debate

The Last Two In Limerick

Limerick: Predictions And Debate

Limerick City: The Home Straight

My Final Limerick City Prediction

Limerick City: Final Thoughts

Limerick, Defence And Foreign Affairs – A Question To The Candidates

The Question

Willie O’Dea

Sheila Cahill

Maurice Quinlivan

Michael Noonan

Cian Prendiville


Polls (Are Garbage? Yep)

New Faces For Fianna Fail

Constituency Questions


How Ireland Elects People

Five Way Election Debate Liveblog

Fianna Fail And Labour On Fine Gael Defence Plans: Distortion

The Last Debate

General Election 2011: Final Thoughts

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