Toothless (16 Days To Election)

Not terribly impressed with the debate, seemed kind of toothless. I suppose, if pressed, I’d say Martin was slightly more impressive, he called Gilmore of Labour’s tax plans and flip-flopping on certain issues and the Labour mans only response was a somewhat petulant “But it’s all your fault!” That might be true Eamonn, but it doesn’t change the whole “tax plans/flip-flopping” on your part.

This whole “Frankfurts way or my way” stuff also painted Gilmore in a bad light, something Martin was able to pounce on to make him look bad. That whole section was Martins.

The guarantee question was divisive, didn’t think either of them “won” that part. I tend to believe the assertion that Labour would have done it too, if in power, but that’s a personal opinion. Too many soundbites from Gilmore.

Job creation was next. Gilmore came out on top there I thought, his ideas seemed a little more realistic/doable, Martin was the soundbite guy in that section.

On health, I question Martin’s ability to defend the HSE, it not being the most succesful organisation. In that regard, Gilmore had free reign to criticise.

Education debate was too short and too toothless. Ditto for “Golden Handshakes” and Dail reform, where it seemed like the two candidates agreed, but just wanted to make it seem like they disagreed. The potential coalition partners question was kinda stupid, we all know what is going to happen after the election. Pretending like Fianna Fail and Fine Gael are going to get into bed with each other or that the left parties will get together is pointless.

As for Kenny’s thing, wasn’t terribly impressive. Seemed very much like Kenny was reading off a script, the suggestion that some of audience were plants does carry some weight. Dragged on way too long in my opinion.

All in all, I don’t really think that these debates are going to effect that much of Irish public opinion. It strikes me, seeing the reactions to the debate, that people had decided who “won” beforehand based on their own political bias and voting intentions. Kenny’s absence didn’t help. A five way debate might be better.

Campaigning continues. I’m not sure about Martin on the campaign trail, it seems like we get nothing but positive stuff from crowds on the news. It surely can’t be that easy for him. Sickiningly adorable moment for Gilmore today, reading stories to children in some pre-school. Unbelievably vomit-inducing.

Sinn Fein have launched their policing manifesto. No comment there, except to point out the obvious oxymoronic nature of that sentence. It’s like the Taliban launching a “women’s rights” manifesto.

Primetime is talking about employment and Willie O’Dea is on with Pat Rabbitte, Leo Varadkar and Eamonn Ryan. He says that he can relate to the employment situation, due to Limerick’s situation. Hmm. He talks about some of the FF schemes for jobs, the regeneration of Limerick, retrofitting. Miriam O’Callaghan is her usual condescending self. Not a terribly nice job, having to defend FF’s horrendous record on jobs.

We continue to head towards the election, just over two weeks to go. I’m seeing some stablisation of the FF support base, but it doesn’t seem to be effecting the polls at all. We’ll see. The fact that, for the first time in their history, Fianna Fail are not running enough candidates to have an overall majority, is very telling.

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