The Failed States Index: When Being Low Is The Goal

According to the annual tabulating of FPs Failed State Index, Ireland has risen three full places to 176.

Oh no!

In better news, that still leaves us 8th last (Being low in the table is a good thing, if that wasn’t clear). Well inside the “Very Stable” part of the exercise. Ireland, as always, scores well in every one of the categories which include “Refugees/IDPs”, “Human Rights” and “External Intervention.” Nice work, everyone. Stay the course!

For perspective, we’re 12 places better off then the UK and 14 superior places to the USA. Only Switzerland, Australia/NZ, and the Scandinavian nations are lower.

The usual suspects top the poll. Somalia, that basic non-entity of a country, gets perfect 10s in four categories. Chad, where our Peacekeepers were forced to leave before the mission was finished, grabs second. Iraq and Afghanistan remains in the top ten, probably to the despair of the coalition forces. It’s bad stuff for Petraeus and company when Afghanistan gets a perfect score in “Deligitimisation of the State”, the very thing the American military has been trying to turn around.

The FSI is a good one to use in order to regain some perspective. Complain all you want about Fianna Fail, the recession and everything else that seems to be going wrong in this country.

But we’re not Somalia.

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