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Very Brief Link On Chad

…from Wired. War Correspondent David Axe, promoting his new graphic novel, is asked “Of all the fucked-up places you’ve been, what’s the most fucked-up of all? Why?” His response: Chad, by far. Even in Somalia, I felt like there was … Continue reading

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The Failed States Index: When Being Low Is The Goal

According to the annual tabulating of FPs Failed State Index, Ireland has risen three full places to 176. Oh no! In better news, that still leaves us 8th last (Being low in the table is a good thing, if that wasn’t clear). … Continue reading

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The Irish Army And Why It’s Needed

The Sunday Tribune is what I read Sunday mornings. I’m not completely won over by the paper (It’s very anti-whoever’s in government at the time and employs some rather stupid people like Una Mullally) but apart from that its a decent read. … Continue reading

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