Nine Quick Thoughts About Game Of Thrones

1. Might be a problem in a series where every other chapter consists of characters basically saying/thinking “To solve this problem, I may have to resort to…intrigue.”

2. Complexity, in terms of plot and the amounts of characters, is a staple of the fantasy genre, but is not always a good thing.

3. Having aggressive sex scenes and a general sexual overtone in every other snippet of dialogue every few pages just seems increasingly heavy handed as you read on. It doesn’t automatically equal hardcore-ness.

4. The themes and inspirations are all over the place. The War of the Roses meets Mongolian horse armies.

5. The second book is especially guilty, but the overall series suffers from having nothing happens for hundreds of pages. That is, events happen, but the general plot just trundles along at a snails pace.

6. Numerous plots are mind numbingly boring. I speak especially of Arya, Daenarys and Bran.

7. In fairness though, Martin is good at building to decent climaxes, which keep you reading.

8. Martin is also good at making some very memorable characters, like Tyrion, though they are frequently lost amidst the same old clichés, the honourable man in the den of thieves (Ned), the manipulative succubus (Cersai), the sneaky spymaster (Varys), the young son yearning to step out of his Fathers shadow (Jon).

9. This is a very accurate summation of Game of Thrones.

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2 Responses to Nine Quick Thoughts About Game Of Thrones

  1. steoller says:

    Haha, you’re an expletive.
    I’ll be back soon!

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