Ten Quick Thoughts On Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

1. The movie is the very definition of “all over the place”. I haven’t read the book, so maybe it was just terrible direction, but its slow, plodding, confusing and has a general sense of set-up for the next one.

2. You can really see the end coming big time. Everything is set up for the “surprise” death.

3. Radcliffe does OK, though the angst really starts to grate here.

4. Jim Broadbent seems to be the guy that the film is supposed to revolve around, but it’s an unusually poor job from him. He’s comes off as a mixture of annoying and overbearing. Maybe he’s supposed to be, but it’s not great.

5. It’s somewhat strange how they go down the “creepy kid” route with the Voldemort flashbacks, considering how, well, Harry-like he was in the same sequences of “Chamber of Secrets”.

6. Speaking of which, where the hell is Voldemort? Having stolen every scene he’s been in during the last two, the presence of the big bad is needed in a huge way here. We’re left with Bellatrix and, to a lesser extent, Snape, which is no substitute.

7. The saving grace is Malfoy, who was reduced to a clown, a barely seen clown, in the last two. He gets some awesome screen time here, the frightened child paying for the sins of his father, getting acceptance into the life he wanted, and seeing it for the horror it actually is. That scene where Dumbledore tries to talk him down is just fantastic.

8. Saying that, the Harry/Malfoy fight is a bit underwhelming, especially since this is actually their big confrontation of the series.

9. Malfoy is great, but Ron’s whole part in this movie is just terrible. This nonsense sub-plot with the crazy girl, when he’s so painfully obvious he’s going to end up with Hermione, is really, really bad.

10. Dumbledore kills Snape.

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1 Response to Ten Quick Thoughts On Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince

  1. I enjoyed Jim Broadbent in the most recent film. He was the one thing that make me laugh out loud.

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