Football 10/11: vs Liverpool (away)

I suppose a few factors all played a part here. The weakness in the defence, a lack of  from the centre midfield, another poor referee who won’t follow the rules of the game, the stupid way the FA piled all these major fixtures one after the other and so on and so forth.

Liverpool weren’t that great. It’s easy to get a hat trick when you get three tap-ins in succession. Suarez should get most of the credit for the first, Nani for the second and Van Der Sar’s fumble for the third (through the defence failed to anticipate Kyut’s run it should be noted).

Phil Dowd, another referee who is failing to enforce the rules of the game. Carragher and Rafael should both have been off before half-time. You hear this ridiculous argument from some fans sometimes, that incompetent refereeing decisions all valence out in the end. Aside from the fact that such an idea is impossible to measure, two wrongs don’t make a frigging right. Dowd fails to send Carragher off, so then Rafael gets to nearly break someones leg with impunity? How is that right?

Something is going to have to give with Referees soon. They are simply too bad at the job that is given to them.

Anyway, regards the title race, you’d think I would be panicking, but I’m not. Arsenal are going through their own blip and look far from convincing since those last 20 minutes against Barca. Without Van Piersie or Fabragas, they lack that cutting edge.

United have, for reasons that are best known to the FA, come up against a bunch of top teams all at once, something that will continue when they face Arsenal in the FA Cup next weekend. Arsenal have their own tough games, Liverpool, Bolton and United in the league still to come.

United will have Valencia, Ferdinand, Vidic and co., back soon and always improve in the run in. We have the better goal difference, we have the squad depth. I’m not panicking yet.

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