Football 10/11: vs Man City (home)

A big, big result, especially coming off our first defeat of the season. The week break really helped with that I’ll wager. United continue to best their counterparts from down the road and long may that continue.

It was a tough game, a real physical contest. I’d say City might have just the better of it in the first half, with Silva really having one of the worst misses of the season. Apart from him, only one man on the field was going to score in that half and it was Nani. A constant threat, and all he needed was to finish one of his chances.

City’s equaliser was an atrocity, and Dzeko came off as a bit of a prick for claiming it. From there, it all seemed to be tipping City’s way (seriously, the United crowd just could not get into voice) until Rooney decided to have an effect on the game.

Hadn’t had much of an impact up to that point, but boy did that change. Jaw dropping is how I;d describe it. To hit the ball so perfectly in air, back to goal. Nothing can stop a shot like that.

Smalling had a great jump in form, did great all game. Centre-midfield was a little lacking, Scholes not having one of his better days. Giggs continues to astound, the way he keep up the pace for 90 minutes. Tevez was utterly absent, Silva being the real player of note for City.

Mancini plays way too conservatively against the big clubs, like he’s utterly terrified of losing. Bad for him, bad for City.

United march on, Crawley next, then back to the CPL. 12 domestic league games left, which includes trips to Arsenal and Liverpool, not to mention two games against Chelsea. Work to be done yet.

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