Football 10/11: vs West Brom (away)

Controversial game, obviously. Chris Foy had a shocker, a performance to be ashamed off. West Brom should have had a penalty in the first, and Neville a red card. After that, he seemed to fall into the common trap of awarding free’s to WBA they didn’t deserve as some kind of consolation, the two WBA defenders who collided into each other which Foy blamed on Berbatov being the most laughable example. That’s called punishing another team unfairly for your own mistake.

And of course, he failed, or choose not to see, a West Brom handball inside the box in the second half. Two wrongs don’t make a right Chris, it just leaves both teams pissed off. Add to that a score of inconsistent decisions, yellow card mania towards the end, and you have a lot of fans getting increasingly disgusted and disillusioned. Integrity of the position? Don’t make me laugh.

As for the actual game, it was a poor show from United, until the end. WBA dominated the first half, with Rooney’s goal being a lone bright spark. Our defence did its job well enough – nothing could really have stopped that equaliser – but it was nervy times. There was an exception at the back, and that was Neville, who has shown time and again that he lacks the pace to keep up with the current game.

Obertan had a poor game, Anderson as well. Everyone else was average and mediocre. Maybe the Christmas schedule is taking its toll on the players, but its clear the squad lacks energy and coordination. Hernandez grabbed a very lucky winner, a goal more down to a lapse in judgement from the WBA keeper then anything else. Still, the Mexican is rapidly gaining that “super-sub” reputation and if he can keep it up, all the better.

As for WBA, I can sympathise, to an extent. It was a shocking penalty and their forwards lacked clinical finishing.

Foy is the big story and it is frustrating to know that, despite altering the game to a huge degree, and being shown clearly to have utterly failed in his given job, he will face no consequences. Unlike, say, West Brom, who miss out on at least one crucial point in the middle of a relegation fight. And that’s just wrong.

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