Football 10/11: vs Wolves

The League Cup defence rumbles on as the kids did just enough to put away McCarthy’s men. All kind of scrappy in the second half. Wolves kep doing the same thing down our end, running to the left byline and dragging it back. None of their goals were scored that way, so it was kinda odd to watch.

As it was, Wolves first was more a result of Amos’ blundering and the second, poor marking. United got lucky with their first, which was a great call from the officials, but Park and Hernandez scored two excellent strikes, which demonstrated the very obvious frailty in the oppositions defence.

Bebe impressed though I doubt he’ll be doing much more this season then the League Cup. Hernandez is fast becoming the kind of player (like Solskjaer and Owen) who can grab crucial goals when their needed. I wonder if Rooney, currently unable to play due to an ankle injury might be feeling a little unnerved by the Mexican, who has 500% more goals than him this season.

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