Football 10/11: Champions League Draw

I foresee no major problems for the EPL sides, save Spurs.

United can get four points off Valencia and six off the other two. Rangers, inevitably, can’t compete at the top European level. They can’t help it, it’s what happens when your league has two teams in it.

Travel might be the real problem facing Arsenal and Chelsea. Long trips east in the offing. But they have the quality to get through without too many complications.

But Spurs? I can’t see them getting anything off Inter so they have to get the points of Utrecht and Twente. Both of those teams are weaker than they were last season – the Germans have lost Ozil and the Dutch lost McClaren. So Spurs can get to the next round. They can’t afford any more screw-ups like the first leg against Young Boys.

I expect all four in the knock-out stages, three of them as table toppers.

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