To Ourselves, Article Seventeen

1.    1° As soon as possible after the presentation to Dáil Éireann under Article 28 of this Constitution of the Estimates of receipts and the Estimates of expenditure of the State for any financial year, Dáil Éireann shall consider such Estimates.

2° Save in so far as may be provided by specific enactment in each case, the legislation required to give effect to the Financial Resolutions of each year shall be enacted within that year.

2.    Dáil Éireann shall not pass any vote or resolution, and no law shall be enacted, for the appropriation of revenue or other public moneys unless the purpose of the appropriation shall have been recommended to Dáil Éireann by a message from the Government signed by the Taoiseach.

A kind of basic financial article, outlining how the Dail deals with receipts and the appropriation of revenue. It defines such matters as being the remit of the Taoiseach and outlines that it has to happen at least once a year.

Financial matters are not my strongpoint and the language is dense. Not much to say about this article, which is thrown in as a bit of housekeeping.

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