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Same-Sex Marriage Referendum: 89 Days Out

I’m not sure how much I will be writing about the same sex marriage referendum between now and the likely polling date of the 22nd of May. I’ve made my thoughts on “SSM” plain before in this post, where the … Continue reading

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The Seanad Vote And A Suggestion For Turnout Improvement

What more can be said about the Seanad referendum that has not be said elsewhere? A terrible focus on moronic savings arguments. A lacklustre campaign. Poor leadership. Underestimation. And the result, a vote that should have been won, lost, and … Continue reading

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Running On Skin?: The Eurovision

I never fail to get sucked in by this thing. Impressions: Finland Looked like a young Daniel O’ Donnell. He’s just as intolerable too. Bosnia/Herzegovina Quite the age difference in this group. Very, ahem, rustic in appearance. Some random guy … Continue reading

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