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The Stupidest Thing I’ve Read This Week (16/6/12)

Third place this week, well I figured that Jedward have borne enough of my wrath over the last few weeks. So, instead, I’ll go for Justin Bieber, whose fans on Twitter are so numerous as to constantly have something related … Continue reading

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Vae Victis

I sometimes dabble in a bit of fiction writing, and the following was my entry to a competition for the Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Anime convention of Epic-Con, held in Maynooth last weekend. The opening paragraph was the only guideline. And it won! Enjoy. … Continue reading

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The Peloponnesian War by Donald Kagan

Fascinating text, that gives an analysis/narrative of one of the most destructive conflicts of the ancient world. Kagan might be the foremost living authority on Ancient Greece. This book is actually a condensed version of his four part academic series on the … Continue reading

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