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“One In A Million”: Re-Watching A New Hope

So, Star Wars. With Episode VII guaranteed to be a mega hit come December 17th, having taken over the internet for a while after its final trailer went live, it’s a good time to take a look back over the … Continue reading

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That Star Wars Cast…

May be the fifth be with you! Wait, no… Made up holiday dates aside, it’s been a big few days for Star Wars related news. Most of the cast for what will become Episode VII has been announced, and this … Continue reading

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Syria, Libya And The Endor Problem

Note: I say “we” a lot in these kinds of posts, for convenience more than anything. It should be taken to mean “the West”, as in the general “Western World” of which Ireland is a small, but legitimate, part. A … Continue reading

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The Stupidest Thing I’ve Read This Week (07/04/12)

Third place: Someone from the milblog community said this on Twitter: Yeah, no. Two drastically different situations there,  separated by the difference in geographical position, technology, media coverage, room for expansion, openness to new ideas, experience with democracy, religious issues, … Continue reading

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It Is Not War #6: Endor

(Sadly, the videos I used in this post have since been taken down due to copyright infringement. I guess you’ll just have to use your memories). With a few spectacular exceptions, tribal armies have never gotten on well against colonial … Continue reading

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