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Review: Free Guy

Free Guy Trailer Guy (Ryan Reynolds) lives a repetitive life in Free City, drinking the same coffee, wearing the same clothes and experiencing the same bank robbery every day, as he ignores a chaotic world of murder and mayhem. A … Continue reading

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Review: Pokemon Detective Pikachu

Pokemon Detective Pikachu Trailer Favourite Pokemon? I’ve always loved the Squirtle evolution track, especially Wartortle, whose Bubblebeam I used with regularity on any occasion when I have played Pokemon Red/Blue/Yellow (there are ONLY 151!). That or Sandslash, because who ever … Continue reading

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Review: Deadpool

Deadpool Trailer Let’s be clear and upfront, right from the off here: I’m not a gigantic Deadpool fan. I find the character a one-note piece of drudgery, whose appeal lasts a few pages before rapidly becoming irritating: the kind of … Continue reading

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Ireland’s Wars: The Siege/Battle Of Tecroghan

As Henry Ireton was now the commander of the Parliamentarian effort in Ireland, and it would be his offensives that would continue that struggle going forward, it is probably a good idea to take a closer look at him. Born … Continue reading

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