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Ireland’s Wars: The Road To 1798

The run-up to the year 1798, and the events that took place then, require a bit more complicated backstory if they are to be understood properly. In this entry, I’m going to take a look at the general state of … Continue reading

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Ireland’s Wars: The End Of The French Irish Brigade

France in the late 1780’s was a tinderbox just waiting for the right spark. French involvement in the American Revolution and associated conflicts with Britain elsewhere around the globe had left the state near bankruptcy, with the military feeling the … Continue reading

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Revolutionary Remembrance: The Volunteer War

The anniversary of the founding of the Ulster Volunteer Force passed most of Ireland by without much notice. As previously stated here, the almost deliberate ignoring of the Protestant side of the Irish revolution, even when much of what followed … Continue reading

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The War Of Independence Paradox

“The Civil War Paradox” from the Small Wars Journal, courtesy of Yale PhD student Lionel Beehner. Interesting stuff on the definitions of “rebellion”, “insurgency”, “protest” “civil war” and “revolution”, the relationship between those terms, all centred around the continuing debate … Continue reading

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