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Ireland’s Wars: Young Irelanders And Great Famines

As discussed last time, Daniel O’Connell’s Repeal Association was an entity divided into factions dominated by moderate and radical thinkers. O’Connell’s decision to cancel his Clontarf monster meeting exacerbated an already evident divide, that had been growing for several years. … Continue reading

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Ireland’s Wars: The Monster Meetings

Having succeeded in his quest for Catholic emancipation, and having played a crucial role in the struggle over tithes, Daniel O’Connell stood as the pre-eminent Irish Catholic politician of his day. While his support base had been greatly eroded in … Continue reading

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Ann Sweeney, NIP, And The Smoking Ban (Now Updated)

I usually have lots of time for independent politicians. They tend to be more honest, more direct, and more free to speak and act than party affiliated candidates and in governments like the current Dail, they can be big players in the fortunes of … Continue reading

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Look At What You Lose With Something Like DADT

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell was envisioned as something that would level the playing field regards homosexuals serving in the military by ignoring the issue entirely, and pretending that it didn’t exist, and punishing anyone who dared to try and acknowledge … Continue reading

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