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Review: War Machine

War Machine Trailer     Two weeks on, and we’re back with Netflix’ second Middle-eastern war based offerings. Unlike Sand Castle however, War Machine is very much looking at the big picture, and what could be bigger, when it came … Continue reading

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Review: The Big Short

The Big Short Trailer Another I missed from earlier in the year – it was actually a late 2015 release in the States I believe – that Netflix has let me catch up with. The Big Short was a surprise … Continue reading

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Ireland’s Wars: The View From London

Now seems like a good moment to take a little break and evaluate where things stood in Ireland, as mid-June arrived. It is a curious thing about the 1798 Rebellion, that from the moment it began on the 24th of … Continue reading

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Review: Fury

Fury Trailer Ah World War Two. Now that is a slice of history that is well mined for entertainment options, with every other facet of it already immortalised on film, TV, video games and other historical fiction (and non-fiction). But … Continue reading

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