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Ireland’s Wars: Monro Takes Command In Ulster

The time after the signing of the cessation was a critical one, where the war became more and more complex in Ireland. The cessation agreed between Ormonde and the Confederates essentially brought most combat operations in Ireland to a temporary … Continue reading

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Ireland’s Wars: The Road To The Confederate Wars

So, we come to the Irish Confederate Wars, also sometimes known as the Eleven Years War or the 1641 Rebellion, one facet of the War of the Three Kingdoms, a flowery title for the English Civil War (all three of … Continue reading

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Ireland’s Wars: The Rise Of York

The Wars of the Roses are a complex topic. Much like the Hundred Years War in France or the Thirty Years War in the German states it was not a singular, continuing clash of arms, but could be described more … Continue reading

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Took Long Enough: Addendum

Ugh. So, under-representation that the British first-past-the-post system would be proud of, walk-outs, repeated votes needed to elect a President…and all in the first three hours. One wonders how this country will ever be able to function at all.

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Iraq: Can The House Of Cards Stand?

No electricity. Battered infrastructure. Fractured government. Dispute with neighbours. Internal rebellions. And now the US combat mission is nearly at an end. Can free Iraq stand up with just the 50,000 American troops left behind to lean on? Very interesting … Continue reading

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