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Characters In The Serenity RPG

Any RPG player or GM will tell you that your standard RPG party needs to have certain things, whether you are invading the dungeon of the feared Demogorgon (reference!) or robbing a space ship casino. The Firefly/Serenity RPG system is … Continue reading

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More Tales From The Serenity RPG

I ran my first Firefly campaign in the autumn of 2007, dubbed, simply enough, “Across The Black”. After finding my feet with a few other once-offs and participation in other RPG’s, I felt the time was right to indulge my … Continue reading

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Tales From The Serenity RPG

The God’s honest truth, is that I have probably spent more time playing the Serenity RPG, whether it be in writing up games and characters, or actually executing them, than I have watching Firefly and Serenity. And yes, for the … Continue reading

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NFB’s Firefly RPG: “Freedom’s Glory” (Adventure #1)

It’s been a while since I ran an RPG campaign, a proper one, but while writing up a once off game for an upcoming convention, I found myself bitten with the bug again. The temptation to get the Cortex System … Continue reading

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Gears Of War: The Board Game (War Altar)

Yes, it is a board game now. A co-operative one to be precise, for up to four players, playing time around 30-90 minutes depending on numbers and difficulty settings. Myself, Aido, John and Padriac were down in Maynooth’s Gamers Hub … Continue reading

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Politics: A Play By Posting Game

Over on the NUIM Gamessoc forums, I’ve started GM ing a play-by-posting RPG which I urge all my gaming-minded readers to check out. It’s just called “Politics” because that’s what it is. Players are cabinet ministers in the government of a slightly altered … Continue reading

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Firefly: The Mark

Here it is, my Brocon RPG scenario: Firefly: The Mark I know pdf’s are the usual format for these kinds of things, but, you work with what you have. Rather then give full character stats for NPCs I choose to simply include the … Continue reading

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