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Constitutional Convention: The Voting Age And Presidential Term Limits

The constitutional convention is currently holding its first working meeting. Such is the lack of publicity, that it has somewhat blindsided me, hence the late write-up. The lack of publicity might well be explained by the topics being discussed, which … Continue reading

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Irish Presidential Elections: A Short Guide

Ireland’s upcoming Presidential Election, a sleeping story up till now, has become the mainstay of Irish political news in the last few weeks, due largely to the demise of David Norris’ nomination campaign, and the sudden flurry of celebrity candidates: … Continue reading

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Afghan Elections and Giving People Democracy

It’s something that I fervently believe, and that this report backs up, that you cannot simply give a population democracy. You cannot send a military force into a dictatorship or other non-democratic state, neutralise its military, remove its leaders and tyrannical … Continue reading

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