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Ireland’s Wars: Home Rule And Volunteers

We are now truly entering an era of Irish history commonly identified with the Easter Rising, the War of Independence and the Civil War. The events we will be discussing were the final steps on the road to those conflicts, … Continue reading

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Review: Spectre

Spectre Trailer Notwithstanding Dublin’s Savoy Cinema’s unfortunate decision to lose their digital copy print and have to delay the start of the film by an hour, it was with great expectation and not a small bit of excitement that I … Continue reading

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Review: The Last Man On The Moon

The Last Man On The Moon Trailer More documentaries at JDIFF! This one was my own personal choice, calling back to a distant time in my life when astronomy was a passion and legends of astronauts were my bag (before … Continue reading

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James Bond Franchise Review

It was after reviewing Skyfall the other week that I got to thinking. I quite like the James Bond movies, but there was a whole bunch of them I hadn’t seen, or at least hadn’t seen in full. I decided … Continue reading

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