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The Villain Checklist: Equal With The Hero

This should be a short enough one, because the implantation of it in some form is so obvious that is almost defies the alternative. We’ve talked about how the hero and the villain should be a contrast in some way, … Continue reading

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Comic Book TV: The Season So Far

Work commitments stopped my plan of doing mini-reviews of every episode of all the comic book properties this television season, but I was still watching and taking some notes. Before the second half of these shows’ runs start up again, … Continue reading

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Review: Gotham (“Viper”), Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D (“A Hen In The Wolf House”), The Flash (“Things You Can’t Outrun”), Arrow (“Corto Maltese”), Constantine (“Non Est Asylum”)

These reviews will be spoiler-free for that particular episode, but will not refrain from discussing details of past episodes. Gotham – “Viper” The GCPD is stretched to its limits dealing with a dangerous new drug, which gives its users immense … Continue reading

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