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Ireland’s Wars: Bloody Sunday (1920)

Thing were poised very delicately for the IRA in Dublin in November 1920. GHQ had managed to help orchestrate a nationwide campaign of rebellion against British rule, the Squad had annihilated the DMP’s G Division, and a certain aura of … Continue reading

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The Saville Inquiry: A Final Word…

…goes to SDLP MP Matt Durkan. And that’s the last I’ll post on the matter. Time to move forward.

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The Saville Inquiry: Addendum

Just to address a few comments. Some have pointed out that current Sinn Fein deputy leader Martin McGuinness was also involved in Bloody Sunday, perhaps violently. Should he face prosecution? I will make no attempt to hide my dislike of Sinn Fein, but regardless, if the Inquiry … Continue reading

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The Saville Inquiry: Prosecute Them

The Saville inquiry states that British soldiers fired upon a civilian crowd. They fired the first shots. They were indiscriminate in their targets and some must have known they were firing on unarmed men. It’s taken 38 years for the … Continue reading

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