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Ireland’s Wars: Mrs Lindsay And Cork’s Informant War

The Irish War of Independence was, at its beating heart, an ugly affair. All wars are, in their own way, but there is something especially brutal about the kind of asymmetric war that the years 1919-1921 saw in Ireland: they … Continue reading

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Making The Corps By Tom Ricks

It’s an engaging narrative, but it isn’t one of Ricks’ best. I adore Tom Ricks’ two books on the Iraq War, Fiasco and The Gamble, but this is one of his earlier ones. It’s the story of a Marine recruit company … Continue reading

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Limerick, Defence And Foreign Affairs: Cian Prendiville

So, the other day, I received another reply to my e-mail to the Limerick City constituencies…a week after the election. Socialist/ULA candidate Cian Prendiville, the 21 year old. He finished in mid-table, and only now has decided to get back to me. Getting a reply … Continue reading

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Women In Afghanistan: Update Of Sorts

Some quotes from the Mirror regards the female recruits to the Afghan Army I mentioned a while back: “When I decided to join the army, my immediate family were pleased for me but my uncle, who is a mullah, thinks … Continue reading

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Women In Afghanistan, Training To Fight Back

One of the go to arguments in favour of the Afghan war is the status of women under the Taliban. During the Taliban’s stint in power, education for women was banned, schools teaching young girls were burned, and social justice … Continue reading

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A Quick Clarification

I am aware that Ireland has a National Day of Commemoration. It was today. The ceremony should be available on RTE player in the next few days if anyone is interested. I was proposing a specific commemoration day/ceremony/something for those who have … Continue reading

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