Review: DC League Of Super-Pets

DC League Of Super-Pets


What would Snyder do with this?

Krypto the Super Dog (Dwayne Johnson) lives with owner and friend Superman (John Krasinski), protecting Metropolis from villainous threats like Lex Luthor (Marc Maron). But when Superman finds love with Lois Lane (Olivia Wilde), Krypto fears he will soon be on the outs. Combined with an evil guinea pig (Kate McKinnon) who finds a way to remove his powers as part of a plot to destroy the Justice League, a down-and-out Krypto must turn to a group of unowned pets, chief among them disgruntled dog Ace (Kevin Hart), to save the day.

One I took in with the nieces on a boring Saturday evening, but not a wasted one. Watching DC League Of Super-Pets, I couldn’t help bur reflect on one Dwayne Johnson, who really has become the guy in Hollywood, hasn’t he? There isn’t anything he doesn’t seem able to turn his hand to, bar serious drama and I suspect that we will be getting that someday, that doesn’t turn to gold. Blockbusters, comedies, TV shows, musicals, VA, the man seems capable of doing it all. DC League Of Super-Pets, a film which in different hands could easily be a very dismissible affair more in line with DC’s seemingly endless run of direct-to-streaming 2D animated features, is elevated to a different level because of Johnson, and because of what he is able to do with others.

He and Hart (the latter being so much better here than he was in The Man From Toronto) fall back into an easy back-and-forth here, based on foundations well established in their previous productions like Central Intelligence. It’s in that back-and-forth – Johnson as a sort of intentionally naïve straight man to Hart’s rock-em sock-em malcontent – that the film finds a lot of its humour, of a kind that will appeal to the kids and the adults in the audience in equal measure (and there is plenty just for the adults, especially anything that involves a Keanu Reeves-voiced Caped Crusader). A strong supporting cast made up of a large number of comedians and comic actors – Kate McKinnon as the wonderfully voiced villain Lulu, Vanessa Bayer, Natasha Lyonne among a great many others – insure that DC League Of Super-Pets transcends its almost infantile premise and turns instead into something that, whisper it, is more Pixar than Minions.

So yes, bring your kids along to see DC League Of Super-Pets, you could do a lot worse with them. Go and see it yourself. You’ll be treated to a well-written 100 minutes of fun and comedy that blends child-friendly styles with adult-orientated material (what other “kids movie” would contain two bleeped-out swear words?), performed by a group of actors who were all in the higher percentiles of their field. And at the very top remains Johnson, a man who is rapidly approaching iconic status within the entertainment industry. He can do it all, and has just added “voicing a dog” to the list. Recommended.

(All images are copyright of Warner Bros. Pictures).

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