NFB Listens To Number Ones: “Over And Over” – Nelly (feat. Tim McGraw)

What happened to Nelly? There was a time in the middle of the aughts when this guy wasn’t off radios, and this is pretty much the best example, a low-intensity R’n’B effort where the focus is largely on the lyrics. Basic percussion, a very light guitar accompaniment, repeated over and over (Bah dum, tish), it’s all it needs, and that was all Nelly needed to be King of the air waves for a while really. A quick look at Wiki tells me he’s a reality TV guy now? Suffice to say that I am not going to be giving “Desperate Housewives Of Hollywood” a look. We’ll always have these songs instead, with this one at the head of the table for three weeks in the Spring of 2005.

Easy to fall in love with this song all the same, even if when the RNG picked it out I needed to listen to a bit of it to remember (maybe that’s the problem with this artist). Nelly’s lilting tones for the chorus just beg to be sung along with, and the subject matter of the song is seemingly designed to get inside the head of anyone listening and make them consider some romantic misadventure in the past. Admittedly there are some words that sort of shake you from the contemplative idea that Nelly is going for, not least “I remember the last breathe you took in front of me” which honestly sounds vaguely threatening. Given some more recent allegations made against the singer, I’m honestly not sure if I want to see him get back with whomever he is singing to in “Over And Over”. Maybe she got out while the going was good. Anyway, “Over And Over” really is all about the chorus, which gets repeated a lot: it’s clear Nelly knew where his bread was buttered in this case.

To be honest Tim McGraw isn’t really needed here and I don’t have a clue why he was included, he’s the kind of featured artist whose involvement, when it happens, is jarring and unappreciated (I shall call this the “Sean Paul Syndrome”). This was about the time when he was branching out into the acting world, so I assume this was part of what easily disliked people would call a brand expansion nowadays. He’s all over the video too, where he spends an inordinate amount of time mooning, Wolverine-like, over a picture of some woman, before donning a cowboy hat and singing in front of a fireplace (Nelly is comparatively by-the-books).

I feel like I talked myself out of liking this song in writing the above. Either way, I suspect this one won’t stick in the mind unless I happen to hear it on some classic R’n’B playlist, and find myself wondering if Nelly was going to make sure the girl he’s singing about didn’t get to breathe in front of the other guy too.

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