NFB Watches Wrestling #59: Raw (25/03/2002)

The future of the WWF starts here because it’s Draft Day! It’s the 25th March 2002 and we’re in the Bryce Jordan Centre of Penn State College, Pennsylvania for episode #461 of WWF Raw! Your main event tonight: Triple H defends the Undisputed Championship in a Triple Threat match against Chris Jericho and Stephanie McMahon!

Attitude splash, and Linda McMahon greets us from Stamford. She runs down how the draft will work, as the locker room watches from Pennsylvania, looking various parts intrigued and worried. The Rock paces back-and-forth at the rear, and no sign of one Stone Cold Steve Austin. I like this look at the larger group, it helps to emphasise how big a deal the draft is, and how it’s the only thing on everyone’s minds. Anyway, only 20 draft picks will happen tonight because we only have 90 minutes, and the rest will be done in a post-Raw lottery. Lottery? I thought we were picking people! The draft becomes effective from the next week. HHH, Y2J and SMH are ineligible owing to being in the main event tonight. Oh, and Stone Cold, due to a special contract clause or some bollocks, is a “free agent” and gets to pick whichever show he likes. Good cover! He’ll be back next week.

Thorn In Your Eye, pyro and JR and the King welcome us to Penn State. A lot of “What” sign-holders in the crowd are going to be disappointed. Commentary runs down the draft and the main event tonight. A podium is on the ramp, to really make this seem like actual sport drafts. But first…

Tazz vs Mr Perfect

What an unlikely match this is, two guys both in their tail-end of their active careers and totally lost on the undercard. Perfect had come back at the Royal Rumble three months previously, getting to the final four, then vanished. Tazz, I’m not even sure why he’s still wrestling with his neck allegedly in the shape that it is.

Perfect on the mike to tell “you people” (drink!) that they will see “the Perfect Pick” tonight, but Tazz cuts him off. Whip chain, and Perfect lands a drop-kick. Shots in the corner back-and-forth, neat handstand avoiding manoeuvre by Perfect, but then floored from a clothesline. Exploder from Tazz, looking for elevated punched in the corner, but dropped on Perfect’s knee. Perfect hits the Perfectplex OUTTANOWHERE, but Tazz gets a rope break.

Shots in the corner, really awkward looking corner clothesline from Perfect, and then Tazz has the Tazzmission locked in and Perfect taps in under two.

Winner: Tazz

Verdict: Short match, a little oddly booked. I guess this is like a shop window exercise?

Tazz on the mike to say the Perfect Pick is just another victim. I don’t think either of these guys would be high up on the lists.

Backstage, we see “Ric Flair’s War Room” where the man himself looks over papers with Arn Anderson. They discuss their draft plans, before we cut to Vince McMahon in his “War Room”, looking at a picture of Kurt Angle like Wolverine looking at a picture of Jean Grey.

After the break, Vince is out to make the first pick. Briefly soaks in the jeers. As he “defeated” Ric Flair in the coin toss, nice, he gets the #1 pick and he’s also getting the “what” treatment. His first pick is…The Rock! Backstage, Rock looks intense, and marches to Gorilla and out, as an infographic tells us he’s the youngest WWF Champion ever. Not for much longer Dwayne. McMahon says he’ll have new rules for Smackdown, which includes Rock never getting to touch him, and not getting to talk about shoving things up peoples “candy ass”. “Asshole” chants. “He’s my #1 pick, don’t call him names like that!”, excellent. Reminds Rock that he made his new friend Hulk Hogan, and he made The Rock. Vince makes to leave but Rock cuts him off. As this is Rock’s last Raw, he wants to go out with a bang. He won his first title here, made the Rock N Sock Connection and even shoved Vince’s face up Rikishi’s ass here. Baits Vince with an “It doesn’t matter” and insists it was “the People who made The Rock”. Gets some cheap pops with the local sports team namedrops, and coordinates a “You Are An Asshole” chant. Rock’s music plays, he cuts it off, “If you smell…” and now we’re done. Odd segment, because it built to, well, nothing, it was just Rock insulting Vince.

Backstage, Ric Flair walks to the stage. After the break, here he is. His #1 pick is a cornerstone of the Fed, and is…The Undertaker! In the locker room, Taker whips his sunglasses off in surprise, and then throws his chair at the wall. He was sitting next to Kane too, that’s a nice kayfabe touch. In the War Room Kurt Angle confronts Vince McMahon. He wants to know why he wasn’t #1. Before Vince can answer him, Taker walks in, getting in Vince’s face about what has just happened. So I guess he didn’t want to be on Smackdown after all? Vince says he’ll figure something out, and Taker is insistent that he keep his word this time. Are they trying to keep the Taker/Flair feud going or something?

Edge & Diamond Dallas Page vs Booker T & Christian

It’s an Ouroborus of single matches becoming tag matches becoming singles matches with Booker and Edge. Have they retconned the “Edge/Christian are brothers” thing yet? Pretty sure Lilian Garcia introduces T as “the Booker T”. Edge and T to start, and Edge with the early advantage in strikes. Christian dumped off the apron after he tries to get involved, allowing Booker to hit a heel kick. Christian in, spinning powerslam gets two, but then Edge back with a spinebuster. Page getting the crowd riled up, and in like a house of fire. Hot tag already? Discus clothesline to Booker, Christian cleared off the apron. Looking for the Diamond Cutter, pushed off, Christian with a shot, but Page able to dodges the Scissors Kick attempt. Now hits the Diamond Cutter, but Christian breaks up the pin. Unprettier, Edge in with a spinning heel kick to take out Christian, and the brothers fight on the outside. Booker T hits the Scissors Kick on Page and that’s it in just over two.

Winner: The cool dudes

Verdict: Super quick tag that went straight into the end of the face-in-peril section and rushed the last act. No sign of Kurt for the burgeoning Angle/Edge feud either. I guess we do have 18 more draft picks to go.

Backstage, Kurt Angle makes his case to Vince, listing his many accomplishments. Vince is willing to draft Kurt, but is worried Flair would then draft “my nWo”. Angle reasons Flair doesn’t want “poison” (you mean “POI-SON”?), he wants an Olympic gold medalist. Angle wants to work with Vince, because they are “chums”, love it. McMahon decides to officially draft Kurt as his #2, to Angle’s happiness, before he immediately wags a finger at Vince and insists he should have been first. Odd energy to this segment.

Flair comes out onto the stage. “While I appreciate McMahon’s..what he thinks…his ability to sign Steve Austin is…I want everyone here to know I will do everything I can to bring Stone Cold to Raw”. What kind of sentence is that? Who said anything about Austin? Even though he hasn’t made his pick he says its Vince’s move next. OK then. He decides to mess with McMahon and drafts as his #2…the nWo! They now officially include X-Pac, and that is the last time he will ever be picked second for anything.

In the War Room, McMahon is upset. He’s proper red-faced: “Damn it, didn’t I say Flair would draft the nWo!” Imagine if Vince actually valued them this much. Vince vows to get Steve Austin on Smackdown, and best of luck with that. Angle encourages Vince to calm down, and whispers in his ear about someone perfect for Smackdown due to come back soon. Vince makes that his official #3 draft choice and it is…Chris Benoit! Surprisingly small pop from the Penn State crowd for that. I liked Angle canvassing for Benoit, that reflects their awesome history. Looking forward to seeing some Benoit from this time, despite the obvious hindsight-elephant in the room.

After the break, the nWo is in Flair’s War Room. Pac says Flair can’t tell them what to do, and insists that McMahon brought them in, so they are his men. That isn’t very nWo from what I remember. Arn Anderson comes in, so it’s a regular WCW re-union. Flair thinks announcing to the nWo his #3 pick will mollify them, and it’s…Kane! Why would he think that would make the nWo happy? No shot of Kane in the back, which displeases me.

Trish Stratus vs Ivory

This match brought to you by “Tobacco is whacko”, a random rapper, and Skittles, what a combination. Ivory attacks to start, but Trish back quick with an awkward head kick. Takedowns, running crossbody for two, but Ivory back with a jawbreaker. “We want puppies” chants. Stratus able to hit a back body-drop with decent air, and JR responds by plugging some house shows, like commentary tend to do during womens matches. Ivory taking over with beatdown offence, a nose pull, as I try desperately to ignore King’s lecherous commentary. Ivory to the top, Trish intercepts, and able to hit a Frankensteiner, very nice. Not so nice is the Stratusfaction that follows, where Ivory looks like she landed on her shoulder, but it is enough for the win in just over two-and-a-half.

Winner: Trish, just announce the title match already.

Verdict: Standard TV womens match, with the crowd and commentary focused on one thing and one thing only.

JR wonders if we’ll see any of the women drafted tonight, and not bloody likely (postscript: glad to be wrong!). Backstage the crowd of wrestlers continue to look nervous. On the stage, Vince is back out, talking over the boos and Rock inspired “Asshole” chants. His #4 pick is…Hulk Hogan! That gets a pop. McMahon does the Hogan poses himself.

An ad for the Divas Swimsuit Edition follows, which is described as “Your fantasy come true”. Your fantasy is to own a calendar with not even naked ladies? Flair out to announce his #4 pick is…Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam! His infographic declares him a 3-time Hardcore Champ and Current IC Champ, and nary a mention of his ECW days. That’s deliberate too, because Hogan was just described a minute ago as a “7 Time WCW Champion”. Anyway, this seemingly means the IC Title is Raw exclusive?

Backstage McMahon bemoans the loss of RVD, to Angle’s confusion. Vince says it’s about the IC Title, and Angle suggests Vince make a match between him and Van Dam for that strap tonight, and he’ll bring it to Smackdown. Vince agrees, and suddenly starts thinking Angle should have been the #1 draft pick. I like the dynamic between these two, the set-ups before the inevitable catastrophes.

Elsewhere The Rock paces in the locker room, and up turns Hulk Hogan. They shake hands, and Hogan says he agrees that the people made The Rock and Hulk Hogan. He reminds Rock of what happened on Smackdown, and suggests they take on the whole nWo. The crowd is agreeable. So is The Rock, and a handicap match is official. Catchphrases are exchanged and away they go. I wonder if Ausin was meant to make that a six-man?

Vince is back out. His #5 is…Billy & Chuck! I guess that makes the Tag Titles Smackdown exclusive, so any teams left on Raw should be feeling nervous (it’s not like Flair’s second draft pick was a tag team…oh wait). They celebrate with Rico backstage, but get overshadowed by the “You Are An Asshole” chant still being directed at Vince. Thanks Rock!

Backstage, the nWo stalks towards the ring, I wonder if X-Pac is going to be doing the heavy lifting?

Lugz Boot Of The Week time, and predictably there isn’t a boot in sight, just a recap of the nWo beating down Hogan and Rock on Smackdown. What happened man? Where are the boots?

Hollywood Hulk Hogan & The Rock vs the nWo (X-Pac, Scott Hall & Kevin Nash) (Handicap Match)

Again, this seems like the kind of match you should put on PPV, if you were serious about the nWo being a big deal anyway. JR says he was shocked to see X-Pac become part of the nWo, and are we writing Syxx out of history? Hogan and Pac to start, and “X-Pac Sucks” chants are loud. Lock-up, and Pac gets shoved over the top rope. Hall in, lock-up and he is thrown back. In comes Nash, as a ticker appears at the bottom of the screen out lining the draft picks so far, neat. Lock-up, and this time Nash throws Hogan back. Off comes the bandana, to cheers, but Nash retains the offence.

Hogan back with strikes, shoulder charge sends Nash down and the other nWo cleared off the apron. Nash avoids a back body-drop, and in comes X-Pac. “Quicker then a hiccup” says JR, OK. Beatdown offence, Hall in, beatdown continues, but then a double clothesline spot where Hall looked like he was out for a morning jog. Nash tagged in, then waits patiently for Hogan to get the hot tag to the Rock. Rock lays the smackdown on Nash, flying clothesline, DDT to Scott Hall, smackdown laid on Pac, Rock Bottom to Nash. Hogan tagged in, Atomic Leg Drop to Nash as Rock hits Hall with a spinebuster, but Pac breaks up the count. Things break down, the nWo laying in a beatdown, and then an explosion of flames! It’s Kane! What’s going on?

Kane clears Pac out of the ring (not one word about their history from commentary, come on), big boot to Nash, and only now does Hebner call for the bell in just over five.

Winners (by DQ): The nWo, come on now.

Verdict: It was what it was I suppose. Kane’s involvement is a puzzler: I presume the initial idea was for Austin to be in this role.

Kane looking to Chokeslam Hall, but X-Pac with a chair shot breaks it up. Kane clears X-Pac out again, Rock sets Hall up, and now he takes the Chokeslam. Lillian Garcia announces the nWo as the winners, to the deadening of the crowd. Kane sets off his pyro. What the hell was this? Why did Kane come down?

After the break McMahon confronts Flair about his draft choices and what just happened in the ring. Flair isn’t having it, and announces his #5 draft pick as Vince’s “project”… Booker T! Vince’s project, what? Vince bites back that his #6 will be the guy who beat Booker at Mania…Edge! Flair bites back himself and says his #6 will be…The Big Show! Vince says his #7 will be…Rikishi! Those last two guys haven’t been seen in weeks. Flair looks forward to seeing Vince get a Stink Face, and McMahon gives him a hard shove. AA holds Flair back as Vince storms off. I guess they needed to start fast forwarding the draft, only 40 minutes left.

Jeff Hardy w/Matt Hardy & Lita vs Billy w/Chuck & Rico

This match arising out of the tag on Smackdown, and will be, for this period anyway, a rare singles encounter for Jeff. With four people at ringside I deem this Code Red for possible shenanigans. Billy backs Jeff into the corner with strikes, showing that vicious streak that no amount of dyed hair can cover up. Hardy dodges a corner splash, back with a flying clothesline, heel drop to the gut, then a Hurricane DDT. To the top looking for the Swanton, Chuck tried to interrupt but Jeff pushes him off, but distracted long enough that there is nobody home on the Swanton. Matt and Chuck brawling, Lita gives an interfering Rico a rana, and in the ring Jeff rolls up Billy for the win in just under two.

Winner: Jeff Hardy. I was right on the Code Red.

Verdict: Just setting up another title match. Billy does look the business sometimes when playing heel.

Commentary runs down the next two matches, “I was there” promo and then commentary runs down the draft so far. In Ric Flair’s War Room, the man himself makes his next pick aiming to bring together the most dominant team in WWF history. #7 is…Bubba Ray Dudley! Somewhere else in the building Vince decides to mess with Flair, and his #8 choice is…D-Von Dudley! The Dudley are enraged in the back, but then embrace before Bubba stalks off. And so began the ill-fated attempt to make singles guys out of the Dudley Boyz. At least Batista got his foot in the door out of it.

William Regal (c) vs Rikishi (WWF European Championship)

They couldn’t be bothered even pre-advertising this match. Rikishi spending most of his time on Jakked/Heat or house shows, so this is a rare glimpse of him. But before Regal can get to the ring Brock Lesnar comes out of the crowd again! Kish sent spinning with a huge clothesline, body slam, F-5. Heyman is here too, “a hemorrhoid on the face of life” as JR says, and he raises Lesnar’s hand. Again, Brock looks stunningly powerful here. Poor Rikishi though, just meat for the grinder. Nothing is announced, but the match doesn’t even get started.

Winner: No contest I suppose, Regal retains.

Verdict: They will have officially overplayed their hand with Brock with one more instance of this.

After the break, JR throws us to WWF New York, where Womens Champion Jazz is hosting, She’s waiting to see where the Divas (ugh) end-up, but she’ll be “the only bitch appearing on both shows”. OK then.

Vince is out, “Asshole” chants, you know the drill. His #9 pick is…Brock Lesnar! But wait, Flair is out to point out that it isn’t Vince’s turn. McMahon offers Flair the next two picks but Flair isn’t playing that game, and his #8 is…Brock Lesnar! Vince is back with his actual #9, and it’s…Mark Henry! Really? Flair isn’t waiting around, and his #9 is…William Regal, described by Flair as “the European Heavyweight Champion”. Heavyweight? I guess that makes the Euro belt Raw exclusive, if it matters. Backstage, Regal looks aghast. On the stage, McMahon goes straight to his #10 and it’s…Maven! Maven just looks confused backstage. Hardcore Title to Smackdown then, as if that matters. Flair makes his last pick, and his #10 is…Lita! Team Xtreme looks shocked backstage, while Vince mocks Flair for picking a woman, great. He suggests Flair has only done so for…ungentlemanly reasons, shall we say. McMahon insists Steve Austin is coming to Smackdown, and adds that any Raw guys turning up on Smackdown on Thursday will get whats what from his guys. Flair encourages the crowd to give us more “Asshole” chants, and Vince stalks off. And that does it for the draft tonight. Some awkward segments for it it has to be said, but at least it was unique.

After the break, onto the penultimate title match of the night.

Rob Van Dam (c) vs Kurt Angle (WWF Intercontinental Championship)

Winner takes the IC Title to their brand – Raw has the Euro belt right now, Smackdown has Tags and Hardcore, with poor Tajiri waiting on the lottery for the Cruiserweight – so plenty on the line. Angle attacks before the bell and hits a sweet German for two. Boots in the corner, but Van Dam leaps out from that position and hits a superkick for two. Angle back with a belly-to-belly then some stomps, and Angle just had the best stops in the business, didn’t he? Kurt dodges an enziguri and hits two Germans before RVD is able to bash his way free. Rolling Thunder a bit too close to the ropes, that’s a good way to break something. Angle with a thumb to the eyes to retake the advantage temporarily, before he eats a spinning heel kick. Van Dam to the top but Angle skitters out of the ring to grab the belt. RVD intercepts, Angle into the ringsteps, back in, RVD comes off the top but Angle pulls White in front of him. Angle Slam, Angle puts on the Ankle Lock, but the ref calls for the bell in just under three.

Winner (by DQ) (and still WWF Intercontinental Champion): Mr Monday Night, making sure Raw has at least one somewhat meaningful singles title for the time being.

Verdict: I’d watch a longer match with these two right now, it’s clear they can both go. Finish was a little silly, but at least the ref wasn’t acting like a moron like they usually do.

A pissed off Angle keeps the Ankle Lock in, until Edge comes down hit a belly-to-belly. Angle dodges a spear and hits a German, off come the shoulder straps, but Edge out of an Angle Slam to hit the spear this time. Laying in punches and Edge gets dragged off Angle by what looks like eight refs. Looks like one of those shots hit hard, because Angle is bleeding from the mouth. Surprising lack of heat for the conclusion, but we’re building something with this feud better than most of the rest of the roster right now.

Backstage, Stephanie McMahon heads for the ring, but is interrupted by Michael Cole. She insists that she’ll be going to both shows as Undisputed Champion. I’m sure.

Castrol GTX brings you the WWF Rewind, and it just so happens to be Steph announcing the main event tonight on Smackdown. Who needs video packages when you have Castrol GTX?

Triple H (c) vs Chris Jericho vs Stephanie McMahon (Triple Threat) (If Stephanie McMahon Loses She Must Leave The WWF) (WWF Undisputed World Championship)

Surprising lack of heat on Stephanie as she comes out, maybe the crowd is just dead given the predictable result. They come alive for HHH though. Nice look at a malevolent Stephanie glaring at Hunter as the lights flash. Jericho attacks as Triple H is glaring back at his wife, but HHH back hard. Big back body-drop, and Steph cowers away from the Game. Jericho with chops, kick to the head, then clotheslines Triple H out. Stephanie gestures to Jericho and lays down for him to get a pin, thus killing any intrigue the match had over whether Y2J would turn on her. HHH pulls Jericho off and out, then takes to the ring himself. Crowd gets loud as Triple H sets her up for the Pedigree, but Jericho able to pull Steph out. HHH with a baseball slide sends Jericho into Steph, and Hunter rolls her back into the ring.

Is this whole match going to be one long tease for Triple H assaulting his wife? This time Jericho attacks from behind, but walks into a takedown and then gets catapulted into Stephanie, who collapses onto his nether regions. “Hilarious”. HHH kicks Stephanie out of the ring, Jericho out of a reverse suplex attempt, and starts targeting the left leg again. Like we didn’t see enough of that at Mania. Elbow drops on the leg, McMahon joins in with a few, and the crowd serenades her attempts with “Slut”. Leg lock from Jericho, but Triple H shoves him off and into Stephanie for the third time tonight. This time Stephanie has had enough and slaps Jericho. He shoves her down in return. They argue, until Jericho takes the time to Bulldog HHH. Nobody home on the Lionsault, and Stephanie tries a cover on Y2J for two. Jericho takes her down, and locks in the Walls for a hot second until the Game intervenes. I suppose this one has a bit of spice to it now.

Hunter dodges a clothesline and Jericho decapitates Stephanie with it instead, instance #4. Triple H chucks him out of the ring, and we get another elongated tease for a Pedigree to his soon-to-be ex-wife, this time stopped by a missile drop-kick that gets two. A frustrated Y2J heads outside and grabs the title belts and a chair. Hebner intervenes to take the chair, but then misses a double belt shot from Triple H/Jericho to the other, it’s like Rocky II over here. Stephanie scurries in, pins HHH, but only two. She tries Jericho instead, and that’s two as well. JR acting like this is the worst thing he’s ever seen.

Stephanie setting Triple H up for something, but takes a nasty looking clothesline instead, and even the crowd seems a little stunned. Jericho able to lock in the Walls after, but Stephanie intervenes by jumping on the back of Y2J. He tosses her off, then walks into a Pedigree, but Stephanie breaks this one up. Triple H stalking Stephanie, hits a big spine buster, and that’s enough for the 1, 2, 3 in just over eight.

Winner (and still WWF Undisputed World Champion): Triple H, boot left cockily on his wife.

Verdict: It was actually OK for what it was I suppose, McMahon made it a little interesting at least. We can get past this feud now at least.

Triple H mocks Stephanie, as security arrive to take her away, even as she clings to the ropes and tries to scramble under the ring. HHH leads the crowd in a “Hey, hey, hey, Goodbye” as she screams in mock agony. “Her career is over!” says JR. How long did this last? Four months? Less? Triple H poses with his belts as we go off air.

A run down of the draft choices tonight.


1. The Undertaker

2. The nWo (X-Pac, Scott Hall and Kevin Nash)

3. Kane

4. Rob Van Dam

5. Booker T

6. The Big Show

7. Bubba Ray Dudley

8. Brock Lesnar

9. William Regal

10. Lita


1. The Rock

2. Kurt Angle

3. Chris Benoit

4. Hollywood Hulk Hogan

5. Billy & Chuck

6. Edge

7. Rikishi

8. D-Von Dudley

9. Mark Henry

10. Maven

And, just so we are all on the same page, the results of the post-Raw lottery to decide everyone else. Heading to Raw are Bradshaw, Steven Richards, Matt and Jeff Hardy, Raven, Mr Perfect, Spike Dudley, D’Lo Brown (yes he was still wrestling), Shawn Stasiak (can you believe he’s still there at this time?), Terri, Jacqueline, Goldust, Trish Stratus, Justin Credible, Big Boss Man, Tommy Dreamer, Crash Holly and Mighty Molly. Man that undercard has a lot of chaff.

And heading to Smackdown are Billy Kidman, Tajiri (making the Cruiserweight Title Smackdown exclusive), Chris Jericho, Ivory, Albert, The Hurricane, Al Snow, Lance Storm, DDP, Torrie Wilson, Scotty 2 Hotty, Stacy Keibler, Christian, Test, Faarooq, Tazz, Hardcore Holly, Val Venis and Perry Saturn. Looking at it as objectively as possible, gotta say Smackdown’s roster is one I’m a bit more interested in seeing, even if half the names on this list are doing well to get on Jakked, Heat or, in a short enough time, Velocity.

Best Match: You know what, I actually will give it to the main event. Even with the spousal abuse angle it was a decent watch.

Best Wrestler: Kurt Angle was great in the ring for a few minutes, and excellent as a character out of the ring backstage.

Worst Match: The nWo/Rock & Hogan. Three old men, one guy the crowd doesn’t want to see, and The Rock.

Worst Wrestler: Scott Hall has one move in him.

Overall Verdict: Sort of an essential episode as the first ever draft, and the main event is worth a look. A fair bit of chaff otherwise. Hopefully once the brand split becomes ingrained we can start building to something. Oh, and there’s the little matter of one Texas Rattlesnake…

Quick Thoughts On NXT Takeover: In Your House 2021

-Reed & MSK/Legado del Fantasma: Good fun, perhaps not as long as it could have stood to be. Nailed on for the faces to retain, but we could still get some good singles/tag matches out of this feud. Watchable.

-Martinez/Li: I’m really not feeling this Tien Sha thing, with Li’s in-ring style not reflecting her character’s turn to the supernatural. Martinez is a good hand, but I think needs better material in terms of feuds than this. Skippable.

-Grimes/Knight: I’ve loved just about all of this feud and the payoff was great. Some very rough spots, but they made the Million Dollar Championship look like a huge prize. Legs in this one yet. Must watch.

Gonzalez/Moon: Very much a transitionary feud in a lot of ways I think, but the two worked hard to make a fairly predictable contest something decent. A break-up of Gonzalez and Kai is probably due though. Check it out.

-Kross/O’Reilly/Gargano/Dunne/Cole: Tonnes of fun. It might have been thrown together but you put five guys with this much talent in the ring and you will get something special. I actually thought KOR might pull it off at the end. Not sure Kross is working as Champ, the crowds aren’t really reacting, but I’m a big fan. Essential.

Overall Verdict: It suffered a little from having too predictable winners, but this was a good show. Only one dismissable contest, and the main events were a great exhibition for the divisions

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