NFB Watches Wrestling #25: WCPW World Cup – German Qualifiers

Commentary on the in-ring or mike prowess of those named as part of #SpeakingOut should not be taken as support for them in general. I believe her.

Time to get into the second half of this tournament’s preliminary stages. It’s the 2nd of July 2017 and we’re in the Huxleys Neue Welt of Berlin, for the German Qualifiers of the WCPW Pro-Wrestling World Cup! Your main event tonight: it will actually be one of the World Cup matches, so I won’t spoil who it is just yet. This is essentially a show of the German Wrestling Federation featuring some WCPW talent and no, I had never really heard of them either.

Dave Bradshaw and (ugh) Alex Shane on commentary as we go straight into the first Tale of the Tape, and you better believe I am not going to know who most of these guys are. Both “Rambo” and “Cash Money Erkan” speak only in German, and there are no subtitles, so I am at a loss (Rambo is apparently from the Caribbean though) Rambo says something about lucha and seems very relaxed. Erkan is a bit more up for it, or so it seems.

Rambo vs Cash Money Erkan (WCPW Pro-Wrestling World Cup Preliminary German Semi-Final #1)

Both of these are GWF guys. Erkan’s entrance video makes it look like his only moves are upper-cuts and drop-kicks (To wit, Shane calls him “Mr Upper-Cut”). Takes a while for Erkan to actually come out after his music plays, bit of a mess-up I presume. Rambo, dubbed “El Presidente” and saluting like Bad Luck Fale, out next, so I guess this is some sort of Banana Republic gimmick? Small ring, small arena, but the crowd seems decent so far. Someone had them chanting “What Culture” anyway.

Erkan the crowd favourite for sure. Wrist-lock chains, Rambo with a back-slide pin for two, then our first Erkan uppercut (1). Knee-drop for two. Rambo dodges a kick and hits a modified backstabber for two, then into a neck-tie. Crowd into this one so far. Rambo with a delay suplex for another near-fall. Some slow Irish Whips, think Rambo might have some mobility issues. Erkan lays in an uppercut (2), then another (3), but then walks into a codebreaker for two. Crowd suddenly right behind Rambo, so not sure what’s up with that. Erkan rallying back with a drop kick, then hits a pumphandle sit-out slam for two. A little laboured at times between these two, especially when running is required.

Uppercut (4) in the corner, then a running one (5) but Rambo back with a running forearm, but then Erkan back with another running uppercut (6). Just doing the same spots back and forth now, then a double clothesline sends them both down. Both slowly back up, uppercut (7), chop, uppercut (8), chop, uppercuts (9) (10) (11) (12) (13) (14) (15), then Erkan misses a kick and walks into a pop-up sit-down powerbomb from Rambo that gets two. Erkan back with a neat-looking snap fallaway slam for two, then going for another pumphandle, but Rambo countering with a brainbuster. Rambo to the top, but intercepted with a chin kick. Another leaves Rambo prone on the top, Erkan goes up, and after a bit of a delay hits a big superplex, but only two. These two have gotten into a good rhythm now.

Erkan calling for a kick, but Rambo dodges again. Rambo going for a springboard crossbody but Erkan hits a kick to the head (I think, the angle was all wrong) and that’s enough for the 1, 2, 3 in just under nine minutes.

Winner: Mr Uppercut, with 15 in this match alone.

Verdict: Repetitive moves aside, the two guys grew into this one after a slightly dodgy opening few minutes.

A German language ad for GWF follows, and apparently Carlito was involved in this promotion at one stage. Tale of the Tape for the next contest. They both speak German throughout. I have no problem with them speaking German, but I do not, so all I can say is that both guys look like they are in good form. Spalter’s suspenders look nice.

Bad Bones vs Pascal Spalter (WCPW Pro-Wrestling World Cup Preliminary German Semi-Final #2)

Bad Bones I know of vaguely as a WXW guy for years, now a European journeyman. Spalter I know nothing about, but Bradshaw says he is some kind of German reality TV star. “What, Berlin Shore?” says Shane. Come back Matt Striker, please. Spalter grabs the mike to address the crowd and whatever he says gets them whipped up a bit. Bad Bones out with a metal bat. Shane takes a shot at a rival, when it is noted that Bones has wrestled for GFW/Impact “or whatever it is called this week”. What a, ahem, “defiant” statement to make. Lengthy entrances for this one, surprising seeing as how there are ten matches on the less than three hour show.

Lock-up, and Spalter throws Bones back. Lock-up and same again. Bones sent down with a series of shoulder blocks, and running the ropes is a little hard in a ring this compact. Bones back into it with chops and elevated strikes but then into a Scoop Slam. Nobody home on an elbow drop, and it was awkward as Bones dodged too early. Sliding clothesline gets two for Bones, then some slow-moving chains ends with an awkward crossbody from Spalter for two.

Another super-telegraphed rope-lowering from Bones sends Spalter out, and just before you think this is the worst kind of hoss fight Bones lays in a cool looking tope. Back in, Bones to the top, but caught off a top-rope-nothing into an overhead belly-to-belly for two. Looked great, these two have woken up. Rope choke from Spalter, corner chops, hard whip into the opposing corner and we have what is probably a badly needed rest-hold. Spalter maintains the advantage with an elbow, and has a standing pin attempt. Crowd not super happy about that, and we get what I think is a German curse word chant.

Dueling chops and Bones back with a flying crossbody. Corner charges, goes for a lawn dart but caught into a suplex, nice spot. German Suplex (is that just a Suplex here?) gets two. Another rest-hold. Really weird transition into Spalter just sitting on a seated position Bones, and man that looks awful. Bones set up on the top, but battles out of the superplex. Spalter off, and eats a missile drop-kick. Corner charges, now hits the Lawn Dart, but only two. Spalter counters a kick into a torture rack, Bones out and hits the kick, but only two again.

Bones runs into a knee and goes to the apron. Spalter grabs him and able to a hit a suplex over the rope, another good spot, but only two. Shane, who has been blathering on all match about superfluous nonsense, takes a shot at 5 Star Wrestling next, and their efforts to woo CM Punk, and man that kind of thing is not needed. Spalter going for an Olympic Slam, Bones out but then takes a big clothesline. Spalter with his own corner charge, powerslam, only two. Danger of this becoming big move/kick-out spam now.

Spalter can’t get Bones up, and the ref isn’t counting, so awkward pause here. Eventually gets him up for another Olympic Slam try, Bones out of it again, roll-up and that’ll be all in just under 14.

Winner: Bad Bones, who spent most of the match taking moves for some reason.

Verdict: Started not so great but the two grew into it to deliver a better class of hoss fight, though the finish was a bit too indie for its own good.

An ad for the upcoming USA qualifiers, that will include Jay Lethal vs Moose as the apparent stand-out. OK then.

Tale of the Tape, and we’re back to the German promos. Um, they both look up for it?

Da Mack vs Cem Kaplan (WCPW Pro-Wrestling World Cup Preliminary German Semi-Final #3)

Da Mack is unfortunately not The Mack of Lucha Underground and elsewhere, but instead is a WXW mainstay whose biggest claim to larger fame is being the first guy TJ Perkins knocked off on his way to winning the Cruiserweight Classic in 2016. Kaplan is a GWF guy I know nothing about. Mack with a big reception, and I agree with Shane that he appears to have some kind of Michael Jackson-gimmick.

Kaplan on top early with big forearms, then Mack back with strikes and chops. Bradshaw so into this he starts running down the card for the Japanese qualifiers. The two exchange strikes until Mack hits an over-the-top throw for two. Kaplan responds with a rest-hold, and it’s real early to be going for that. Mack out of it with a handstand escape, but Kaplan maintaining the advantage with three-point-stance charges. Crowd dead for all that. Mack into the Tree of Woe and takes a drop-kick to the chest. Nothing really special about this so far.

Kaplan cuts off a comeback with a suplex but getting nowhere with the pins. Mack with a Slingblade, and then with a top rope enziguri, move of the match so far, and gets two. Another enziguri, Shining Wizard, and an Ace Crusher after getting thrown out of a first attempt, and that’s it in just over six minutes.

Winner: Da Mack, and the show’s running time.

Verdict: Think this is shortest tournament match so far, so hard to rate. Nothing to really brag about.

Another ad for the USA qualifiers hypes Bobby Fish vs Davis Starr, and I’m excited to see one of those guys anyway.

Last Tale of the Tape, and both guys stuck on German. Lucky Kid is real smiley, Juvenile X is more serious.

Lucky Kid vs Juvenile X (WCPW Pro-Wrestling World Cup Preliminary German Semi-Final #4)

Kid is a WXW guy who has popped up here and there. Juvenile X has had his profile from Cagematch removed at his request, so it’s a big question mark from me. Lucky the crowd favourite.

X with the advantage early, laying in strikes and chops, but then takes a rana and a Cactus Clothesline, followed by a somersault tope. Kid follows up with a missile drop-kick for two, but X was clearly falling before contact. After taking a powder for a hot second, X takes over again. Body slam, elbow drop, two. Crowd gone completely dead with X’s offence, as we get our first rest-hold.

Juvenile with a drop-kick for two, knee-drop on the rope for two, double-underhook suplex for two. Very pedestrian feel to this one now. The commentators are clearly bored, and start with the kayfabe bickering and it is insufferable. Brief Lucky rallies are shut down for the moment. Uppercuts, suplex, stomps. Kid back with an enziguri, drop-kick, some running kicks to the corner, then a handspring back elbow. Finally some life back in what was a dud so far. X back with some knee strikes and a nice neckbreaker for two.

X looking for a running knee, Kid dodges, some counter chains and then Lucky rolls into a jumping DDT for two, nice sequence. Kid with a Full Nelson, but X out, and counters a Tilt-A-Whirl into a running powerslam. X to the top, but nobody home on a headbutt. Lucky Kid hits a Dragon Suplex with a bridge, and that’s the 1, 2, 3 in around nine and a half.

Winner: Lucky Kid, lucky because he can get the crowd going with fairly basic offence.

Verdict: Very forgettable, didn’t have a great sense of pace to it at all.

This means that your main event tonight will be Da Mack vs Lucky Kid for a place in the finals.

US Qualifiers promo. Ricochet will battle Matt Sydal. I’m down. Next up, tag team action.

Toni Harting and Ronaldo Shaqiri vs The Hunter Brothers (Jim and Lee)

Shaqiri and Harting are GWF guys, the Hunter’s are journeymen with a few appearances with WCPW. This seems like a real thrown together pairing. Lee and Shaqiri to start, crowd firmly behind the more local team. Dueling ranas early on, in comes Harting and Jim. Harting sends Jim down with a shoulder charge, but then Jim “dodges” what looks like a totally useless flip. Harting and Shaqiri with some double-team offence to Jim puts them firmly in control.

Harting floors Jim Hunter with a running knee, but eats a springboard back elbow shortly afterwards. That allows Lee in, and now the Hunter’s get some double teaming in, with lots of rapid tags and rope-assisted somersault sentons. Harting with a nice flip escape from stereo clotheslines gets Shaqiri in to clear house. He hits some big palm strikes, hip-attacks, and Harting joins in with a spinebuster. Local faces in total control and just tossing the heels (?) around with double-team powerbombs. Hunter’s to the outside, Harting looking for a tope but grabs the rope as the Hunter’s dodge. Shaqiri gets to land the tope instead. One Hunter gets a Buckle Bomb and then a spear, and that looks like the end but the other Hunter breaks it up. “This is awesome” from the crowd, but I’m not convinced.

Back to actual tag rules with Harting taking a big Tornado DDT. Shaqiri just comes in without a tag and the ref isn’t interested in that. Shaqiri gets ambushed after a blind tag, Harting takes a very awkward looking Frankensteiner, splash off the top and that’s enough in just under seven minutes.

Winners: The Hunter Brothers, who seem like they want to be perceived as the new Young Bucks but are way off that level. “One of the best tag teams anywhere…on the indie wrestling scene” adds Bradshaw helpfully.

Verdict: Really forgettable tag match – too short, no sense of pacing. Had a bathroom break feel. Come to think of it, Alex Shane was absent from commentary and all.

Completely unneeded show of respect afterwards, with handshakes, joint arm raising and hugs. It was a nothing tag guys.

Ad for the final rounds of the World Cup, which will take place three shows later in August, in the glamorous surrounds of Milton Keyes, Manchester and Newcastle. Hmm. Time for our first of two title matches.

Gabriel Kidd (c) vs Joe Coffey (WCPW Internet Championship)

Coffey, when not busy harassing women, has recently taken up the “Iron King” sobriquet. No context to this one really, other than “The Prestige want another title”. I doubt it tonight, Kidd is still the rising star.

Feeling each other out for a bit. Coffey’s strength gives him the early advantage in lock-ups. Headlock chains, dueling chops and Kidd’s look dreadful. Dueling forearms for a bit and Coffey floors Kidd with a shoulder block, but soon after takes an impressive enough belly-to-belly. Coffey takes Kidd down with a toe-hold and then drags him out of the ring for some crowd brawling, yay.

Crowd are happy anyway, but then Coffey gets back in the ring and lets the ref count, which makes no sense since you can’t win a title that way. After a sec this seems to come to Coffey’s attention and we’re back out for more crowd brawling. Back in soon enough, thank God, and Coffey in full control now. Shots in the corner, running boot to the corner, but only one. Really bad whiffed chop from Coffey shortly afterwards that the camera couldn’t have caught more perfectly. Kidd coming back into it with his own strikes and kicks, then a really awkward headbutt charge that was real “didn’t get all of it” territory. Coffey nails a drop-kick and takes over again with a Cobra Clutch.

Eventually both back to their feet, and Kidd shrugs off a German attempt, to the disappointment of the crowd. Airplane Swing from Coffey, then a half-Boston, and the crowd has turned on Kidd for whatever reason, chanting “Tap, tap, tap”. Kidd to the ropes. Trying to rally back with chops but Coffey no-selling. Dueling chops, strikes and Coffey hits a headbutt. Kidd not really at the races tonight, his offence looks lame. The dueling chops continue for way too long, and I think I hear a “boring” chant. Dueling clotheslines, and now Coffey lands the German. Kidd practically no-sells, hops up and hits a DDT. Both down.

Kidd takes over when they are back up, hits a back body-drop, then a Helluva Kick, then to the top for a missile drop-kick, but only two off that sequence. Coffey hits a shotgun drop-kick, corner clothesline, then a springboard cross-body for two, great sequence. Coffey lining up for the Black Coffey, Kidd ducks, hits a Kamikaze Crash, then a top-rope moonsault for a near fall. Both back up way too fast, Kidd hits a Claymore-like kick as Coffey tries to land his finisher, and that’s the 1, 2, 3 in just under 14-and-a-half.

Winner (and still WCPW Internet Champion): A very lethargic Gabriel Kidd

Verdict: It was OK, house show feel. Looked like the ending might have been botched a bit, I think Kidd was meant to get the pin off the moonsault but the ref wasn’t clued in.

Adam Blampied has some good news and bad news. The bad news is that he was caught, the good news is that he is sorry. Wait, no. Cody Rhodes is out of the World Cup, presumably busy with All Out plans, and is being replaced by Keith Lee. Better outcome, honestly.

Joe Hendry (c) vs Primate (WCPW World Championship)

No context offered for this one either, and weirdly there will be a non-title singles match after this before the tournament preliminary finals. Hendry booed fairly heavily. Gets on the mike, because of course. More shushing, because WCPW haven’t figured out that’s X-Pac heat generating yet. “Who are you?” chants, brilliant. Hendry threatens the louder members of the crowd, to no effect. Hendry complains about the matches he’s being forced to participate in, as it’s putting his beautiful face in danger, so this will be a strictly by-the-books wrestling match. Shout-out to a Scottish stag party in the crowd that’s cheering for Hendry, that Hendry, of course, runs down. Implies the future wife prefers Joe. A little rambling, but it was OK. Gets a loud “Joe Hendry’s a wanker” chant in response. Out comes Primate, who is the inaugural WCPW Hardcore Champion, as if the promotion needed such a belt. Why is he getting a World Title shot? Who knows.

Hendry takes his time getting in the ring, and tries a sneaky belt shot before the bell. Primate having none of that, and lands a big overhead suplex before we head straight to the outside. Brawling, and Primate gives Hendry a kiss on the forehead, or maybe it was a bite. Over to the merch table, and rest assured that the ref isn’t bothering to count. Back to ringside, where Primate silences the crowd so he can deliver a not-very-loud chop. Primate grabs a chair and and gives Hendry a neck shot with it. No call for a bell, so this is a Hardcore match now?

Primate sits Hendry in the chair and gives him a lame looking drop-kick that lacks contact. Bradshaw explains, only now, that the bell was never rung so the match still hasn’t technically started, which is dumb. Primate looking to throw Hendry into the audience, but Hendry escapes with an eye-poke. Primate sent into the chairs instead. Beatdown, into the barricades, and again. Commentary is bickering once more, usually a sign for how dull the action is. On the way back to the ring Hendry nearly walks into a fan whose gotten a bit too close to the ring, which is a bad sign for how little security there is here. Fighting up the ramp, Primate tries for a Piledriver, but gets back body-dropped instead.

“Action” goes into the crowd for more brawling, and this is really slow now. Shane calls critics of Hendry “dumb marks”, and it’s like WCW circa 1998. Fighting around the bar area, and Hendry thrown over the top of it. Hendry throws a glass of water at Primate, to predictably little effect. Primate dragging Hendry back to the ring and we are shown the awkward sight of security having to escort a load of fans back to their seats. The bell officially rings to “start” us, as Hendry hits a DDT for two. With the second actual wrestling move, Hendry decides the time is right for a rest-hold. Elbow smash for two after that.

Bradshaw and Shane continue to bicker, and I’ll break from the action to talk a bit more on that: when you have your announcers doing this kind of thing, it’s because you have no confidence in the actual product to entertain, or to get across what needs to get across. I can see that Hendry is the heel, he ran down the crowd beforehand for god’s sake. I don’t need Alex Shane harping on about how great Hendry is, against all sense, to get him over. This goes back to my thoughts on “heel” commentators in general, that in the modern age there is really only so much you can stand of a doofus on commentary like Corey Graves acting like Baron Corbin is a saint. You want the McGuinness-level: an appreciation of slyness and cunning, but a willingness to accept that certain characters are villains, and that they go too far in pursuit of their goals.

Primate lands a big spinebuster, Hendry hides behind the ref, and Primate gives the man in black an accidental spear. Hendry with the low-blow, belt shot but no-one to count the pin, but of course. Primate, suddenly no-selling the belt shot, locks in a rear-choke and after they go to the floor Hendry taps. The ref calls for the bell in around four and a half officially, but really more like 13 and a half. Psych! It’s a DQ for the belt shot I think?

Winner (by DQ): Primate, but Hendry, of course, retains. Stupid ending. Here’s a way to make Hendry: less stupid commentary and more actual wins, even if he cheats.

Verdict: Poor stuff. Loads of dull crowd brawling and an over-booked finish. Hendry remains one of the most over-rated figures I’ve seen in this tournament series.

I’m already in a bad mood after that, and here’s Blampied to make it worse. He outlines the US bracket, because we need to do that again. In fairness there are a load of huge indie names in there, so I am looking forward to that show. “Are you ready for the next one!?” asks the GWF ring announcer. I suppose mate.

Alex Gracie vs Kenny Williams

No context for this, which could be this show’s tagline. Gracie recently broke-up the tag team Prospect that featured in the English Qualifier show, but is facing Williams tonight because…I dunno. Gracie gets “Who are you” chants from the crowd, so they don’t know either. We only have around 40 or so minutes left for this match, and the two preliminary finals, so I suspect this will be short.

Lock-up, chains, Williams thrown over the rope but skins the cat. Back with running forearms, misses a springboard, to the outside, and avoids the ambush when Gracie goes back in. Williams hits a Lawn Dart, but gets dropped on the ropes when he goes for a suplex from the apron. Gracie with a corner spear, then a corner splash, taunting the crowd a bit but the Germans are not super into this one. Williams back with a roll-up for two, then walks into a swinging neckbreaker.  Williams rolling back and forth across the ring to avoid Gracie in what I think is supposed to be a comedy skit, but man it is not landing. Williams hits a springboard elbow, wrecking ball drop-kick, then a tope. Nice, but what is the point of this match?

Williams with a big elbow from the top to a standing Gracie, but only two. Looks for a Tornado DDT but Gracie out of it to hit a Full Nelson Slam for two. Gracie looking for the “Fall From Gracie”, ie an Unprettier, but Williams out and nails a clothesline. Williams with another roll-up for two, and practically launches himself into the corner when Gracie “kicks out”. Gracie now hits the Fall From Gracie, ie the Pulp Friction, and that’s actually it in just under seven-and-a-half.

Winner: Alex Gracie. This kid has a future…as a little-known journeyman

Verdict: Forgettable stuff. Given Williams’ profile the result is a little surprising, but shrug.

An ad for What Culture Extra and we’re back for the preliminary finals. And, for no announced reason,  the winners of the last two semis are going first, meaning that Bones vs Erkan will be the main event.

Da Mack vs Lucky Kid (WCPW Pro-Wrestling World Cup Preliminary German Final #1)

Man Lucky Kid’s entrance music is loud. Some slow chains to start, dueling roll-ups, running chains and Mack nails a Slingblade. Kid dodges a springboard crossbody, then hits a somersault tope, to a big crowd reaction. Back in, only gets two. More chains, Kid, hits a rana, then Mack back with some kicks and an unphenomenal forearm. Follows up with a slightly less awesome snap suplex for a pin, weird choice. Rest-hold!

After a minute or so Kid comes rally back for a bit, but Mack lays in some chops to maintain the advantage. Corner charge for two. Neat corner pinning predicament for two. Then Kid back in with a shotgun drop-kick and charges. Mack with a jumping knee, Kid with a handspring elbow. Nice back-and-forth to this now. Mack with a PK after some brief Kid offence. Mack goes for some kind of fireman’s carry into a cutter, but countered into a jumping reverse DDT, neat.

Kid looking for his Full Nelson finisher but Mack out. Mack hits an awkward rana, then a springboard somersault, that Shane stupidly calls “a corkscrew.” Kid up way too quick, and his suplex attempt gets reversed into a Falcon Arrow of sorts, but only two. Mack looking for that fireman’s carry cutter again, but Kid out. Both men to the top, Mack shoved off but back up quick with an open-hand strike, then a Frankensteiner for two. A little over-booked that sequence. “This is awesome” chants all the same.

Mack misses a corner charge, a countering sequence, Kid hits his Dragon Suplex finisher OUTTANOWHERE (Shane even says this), and that’s it in just under nine-and-a-half.

Winner (and advancing to the Finals): Lucky Kid, proving that the Michael Jackson gimmick has seen its apogee.

Verdict: It was alright. Went a bit too quick to the indie back-and-forth I suppose.

Lucky Kid’s tag team partner shows up to applaud him. OK then.

An ad for Grandslam Wrestling follows. They feature Bobby Lashley, Carlito, Drago and Moose. Three of those guys are going on to better things. Onto the main event.

Bad Bones vs Cash Money Erkan (WCPW Pro-Wrestling World Cup Preliminary Final #2)

I’m just noticing that Erkan’s theme music appears to just be his name said over and over again, and even for a promotion like this, that is weak. These two are getting about 15 or so minutes. Erkan attacks before the bell, and away we go.

Uppercut (1), but Bones with a back body-drop and a Cactus Clothesline to take the advantage. Bones adds a tope, impressive given his size, and even more impressive when he does it again, knocking Erkan into the ringside chairs. Back in, Bones to the top but sent out with an uppercut (2). Sidewalk Slam (that Shane calls a “side suplex”) onto the apron, then a snap suplex. Ringside brawling, and Erkan waits patiently for Bones to give a drop-kick into the chairs. Looked rather dumb.

Back in, or kind of: Erkan actually struggles to get into the ring in a funny moment. Bones to the top but Erkan intercepts with a drop-kick. Erkan hits a big superplex, crawls to the cover, and gets two. Uppercut (3), another (4), another (5) while Bones hits back with strikes and kicks. Dueling corner charges gives Erkan the chance to hit another uppercut (6), then another (7), then another (8). Bones breaks the stalemate with a German, but Erkan no-sells and responds with…an uppercut (9). Bones’ turn to no-sell, and hits a superkick. Both men down.

Bones with a Small Package for two, shotgun drop-kick for two. Erkan strikes back with a Death Valley Driver OUTTANOWHERE for two. Erkan follows-up with a Pumphandle Slam, but only two again. Bones to the top again, and third time is not the charm as his top-rope nothing gets met with a superkick. Bones rolls to the outside, but gets back in at a count of 9. Crowd big behind him. Erkan tries to the pumphandle again but Bones out of it. To the top, and it is the fourth time lucky as Bones hits the Lung Blower and gets the 1, 2, 3 in just about nine-and-a-half.

Winner (and progressing to the Finals): Bad Bones, who again spent 90% of the match taking moves.

Verdict: Surprisingly short, and almost a squash with the wrong ending.

Bones celebrates with the crowd, going so far as to dive into them. That brings the show to an end.

Best Match: Not a lot of choices to pick from here, but I’ll go with the opener, Rambo and Erkan, as the best that the show had to offer.

Best Wrestler: Also hard to call. I think Lucky Kid looked decent in both of his matches  suppose.

Worst Match: The tag felt like it was thrown in as a last-minute addition to the card, and no-one looked all that great in it.

Worst Wrestler: You know what, I’ll say it again: Joe Hendry ain’t all that, relative to his position on the card.

Overall Verdict: A struggle, this one, plain and simple. Probably the worst of the World Cup shows so far.

Next up when we get back to this tournament, some heavier hitters in the Japanese qualifiers.

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