NFB Watches Wrestling #10: WCPW World Cup – Scottish Qualifiers

Commentary on their in-ring or mike prowess of those named under the #SpeakingOut hashtag should not be taken as support for them in general. I believe her.

Time to continue our World Cup journey with WCPW. It’s the 31st of March 2017 and we’re in the Motherwell Concert Hall and Theatre for the Scottish Qualifiers of WCPW’s Pro-Wrestling World Cup!

We open in a very dark arena with a bagpiper and a rendition of “Flowers Of Scotland”, that the Scottish crowd is much more into than the English were with “God Save The Queen” last time. Better anthem too. Matt Striker and Sean David on commentary. Our main event tonight: a three-way match featuring Aerial Assassin Will Ospreay, Ultimate Bro Matt Riddle and the Villain Marty Scurll, but of course we first have the business of the qualifiers themselves. David gets cut off on commentary as we go to a video package for the first match in that tournament.

Joe Hendry is “the prestigious one”. Kenny Williams says Scottish wrestling has an edge that makes it stand out. Hendry says that being born in Scotland was just random chance, and he’s more about the Prestige now. Williams says he has to make a name for himself, and that’s why he has an advantage. Hendry says he’s looking through his opponent already. Williams says “he’s the bollocks”. Hendry says he has to win, comparing his victory to a “pivotal event in human history.” See, I actually think this is better than the English equivalents that were real milquetoast, because here there is a clear heel, a clear face and some tension between them because of their attitudes towards each other. But the peppy WCPW World Cup theme plays over it all, kind of ruining the effect.

Joe Hendry vs Kenny Williams (WCPW Pro-Wrestling World Cup Scottish Preliminary Semi-Final #1)

“Let’s get to the graps!” says Striker. OK. I would actually say this is the pick of the World Cup matches tonight. The World Cup theme plays over Hendry’s entrance momentarily. Despite basically running down Scotland in the video package, the crowd cheers Hendry, and a “Joe’s a wanker” attempt actually gets booed. Williams out ala Back To The Future 2, hoverboard (non-functioning) and all, announced as weighing “1.21 giggawatts”, which Striker feels the need to explain.

Delay at the start as Hendry insists the hoverboard is removed from the ring, to laughs. Crowd well into this as they hook-up. Chains and elbow-locks to start, with Hendry getting the advantage. Williams with a few back-elbows, lands on his feet out of a Fallaway Slam, and a roll-up for two. Baits Hendry into a charge and dumps him out, Wrecking Ball Drop-Kick, tope, back inside, spinning elbow smash from the top, only two. Great sequence from Williams, and deserved “Let’s Go Kenny” chants.

Williams goes for a DDT but Hendry powers it into a suplex. Hendry well on-top now for a few minutes of offence. On commentary David attempts to explain why the Motherwell crowd booed Hendry’s hometown announcement as Edinburgh, claiming most of the anti-Independence crowd are in Edinburgh. Interesting swing to politics there. Hendry tossing Williams around and taunting the crowd, to Striker’s disgust, who thinks that “will come back to bite him in the arse”. Williams rallying back with kicks and floors Hendry with a Dean Ambrose rope-assisted clothesline, but Hendry back on-top quick enough with a DDT for two. Locks in an Ankle Lock, Williams reverses it into a roll-up, and that’s the 1, 2, 3 in just under six and a half.

Winner: Kenny Williams and the art of making a little man look good against a big man.

Verdict: Short enough, but well-booked opener. Surprised Hendry lost this early, since he seems like the bigger deal.

A pissed off Hendry confronts the ref and storms off. Williams is delighted in victory. Again, the commentators are cut-off by the next match.

“Bad Boy” Liam Thomson sounds surprised to even be here. Joe Coffey says he is “the wrestler for Scotland”. Thomson says he will do the opposite of what Coffey does. Coffey confidently says he will take Thomson apart bit-by-bit. Coffey definitely sounds a bit more impressive. You’d imagine they won’t book two Prestige guys to lose right at the start

“Bad Boy” Liam Thomson vs Joe Coffey (WCPW Pro-Wrestling World Cup Scottish Preliminary Semi-Final #2)

Striker wonders what would happen if two Prestige members faced each other later in “the prestigious” World Cup, and seeing as how this is the first one, steady on Matt. This is Thomson’s first match in WCPW. Light boos for Coffey, a time of writing just exposed as a guy who likes sending unsolicited sexual images to women, light cheers for Thomson. Bit of an awkward delay as the bell fails to ring when the ref calls for it, an accumulation of technical mess-ups tonight already.

I love Striker, he takes a minute to explain that wrestlers circle each other at the start of a match to get a feel for the size of a ring, which in this case is an abnormally large 21 foot. Few commentators today are better at presenting wrestling a logical sport. Coffey on top early with joint manipulation and a modified sugarhold, using his weight advantage to the full. Slightly awkward chain and Coffey takes a knee to the gut and rolls out. Intercepts an attempted tope and some brawling on the outside, where the lighting is so bad it’s hard to tell what happening, but at some point Thomson’s lip is busted open.

Back inside, Coffey pulls out the Travellodge card as per the Prestige’s usual schtick, and Striker is unhappy (he stays in four-star places apparently). David theorises that the Prestige is the start of a wrestling union. Coffey with a half-Boston Crab, into a headlock, long enough resthold spot. Thomson back-up, ducks a Black Coffey attempt and hits a reverse suplex. Whiffs a big boot to the face, Coffey to the outside, and this time Thomson nails the tope.

Back in, Thomson to the top, but Coffey dodges a missile drop kick. Victory Roll for two, Thomson dodges the Black Coffey again, but then victim of a swing. Another Thomson Victory Roll for two, then another as Coffey tries to hit the power moves. Finally hits one in the form of a Shotgun Dropkick, then a gut-wrench suplex for two. Good rhythm to this one now. Another dodged Black Coffey, and an attempted top rope move sees Coffey floored. Oklahoma Roll from Thomson for two. Coffey runs into a sit-down powerbomb for two. Enjoyably frantic now. Thomson going for his Backcracker a few times to no success, then walks into a Spinebuster. Another swing, Coffey transitions into a full Boston Crab, and Thomson taps out in just over ten minutes.

Winner: The sexual predator and NXT UK’s future heel scene.

Verdict: Pretty fun contest that told a good story about both men trying the same thing to win, and the winner being the first to try something else.

Coffey on the mike afterwards to say that he “is the only guy in Scotland” again, to boos. Striker throws to a pre-recorded bit on the Mexican qualifiers, and again gets talked over, this time by himself. Mysterio/El Patron remains the stand-out, if El Patron actually shows up.

Our first non-tournament match up next.

El Ligero vs Grado

WCPW really needs to do some work on its lighting for entrances. Grado’s entrance music has been altered due to copyright, so what plays comes across clear as day for a change, but is so loud you can barely hear the commentators or the crowd. Grado gets a good reception though, and for the uninitiated he’s sort of like a Scottish Santino or Toru Yano, insofar as he’s a comedy act that can actually wrestle a bit when he has a mind. “Gaydo” chants, yikes. And there’s also Ligero, another sexual deviant in the Joe Coffey mold.

Using his gut to push Ligero back as we start, then literally chases him out of the ring. Alone Grado amuses himself by bouncing off the ropes to cheers. They mention that Grado is currently working with Impact, and I barely remember that even though it was only a few years ago. Some brief chains and Grado with the stack pin for two. Elongated handshake spot, that Ligero turns into a headlock and a drop. Both men posing with the guns. Grado bouncing off the ropes to try and knock Ligero down, to no success and increasingly slow attempts.

Ligero grabs a leg and starts turning Grado around, then hands the leg to the ref to take a break. Crucifix Pin attempt for two. Ligero hanging himself up split-legged in the corner, then a leg to the face of Grado. Grado attempting the same spot, not quite as successfully. Ref gets a poke to the eye from Grado by accident, schoolboy from Ligero for two. Grado with a drop toehold that sets Ligero up on the rope. Grado going for a 619, but gets caught in the ropes.

Grado takes up his fanny back and whips out a luchador mask, that gets “Ole” chants. Busting out a few arm drags and then a Scoop Slam. Grado to the top for “Please don’t die” chants, and Grado thinks better of it and goes to the second rope, then the first. Top rope nothing, catches the upturned leg, then missed a splash. Ligero unmasks “LuchaGrado” to Striker’s shock, and we get an amazing “Disrespectful” chant. Grado rallying back, Stinger Splash to Ligero followed by a Cannonball. Grado goes for the cover while Ligero is face-down, and only gets two when he is the right way.

Grado busts out a packet of Doritos, and sprinkles them onto the ring. Striker does a JR impression. Grado goes for the chokeslam onto the chips, Ligero counters and tries his own, but nothing doing. Ligero to the top, Grado follows but can’t get Ligero down. Ligero goes for a jump, Grado dodges, and Ligero narrowly avoid the chips. He doesn’t avoid them when Grado hits a cutter though, and that’s enough for the pin in just over twelve minutes.

Winner: Grado, and generic copyright replacement music.

Verdict: Fun comedy match. The Doritos were a nice touch.

In the aftermath, Ligero shows the kind of respect he doesn’t show women in real life and presents Grado with his fanny pack as we go to the tale of the tape for the next World Cup bout.

Lewis Girvan is honoured to be representing Scotland. B.T. Gunn doesn’t care about his country, he only cares about winning. Girvan plays up his catch ability. Gunn plans on “kicking his bloody head-in”. Giran says he is the best young wrestler in the world. Some fairly lacklustre promo work here.

B.T. Gunn vs Lewis Girvan (WCPW Pro-Wrestling World Cup Scottish Preliminary Semi-Final #3)

Gunn is your Havoc-esque bad boy famous for running with scissors in ICW. Girvan’s gets “Best Young Wrestler” chants, but I have a feeling he’s taking the pin here. They point out that Girvan has beaten Gunn five times previous to this though. Starting with joint manipulation and tie-ups, and Girvan with the early advantage. Locks in a surfboard, transitions into a pin, for two. Crowd heavy behind Girvan.

Gunn gets a tackle knockdown on Girvan, then eats a scissor kick, but fights back with a super-kick to knock Girvan out. Girvan soon with the advantage again, hitting a somersault axe kick over the top rope, looked a little awkward. Chops on the outside, but the mikes aren’t picking them up. Girvan misses a stomp off the top, Gunn nails him with a clothesline for two. Gunn on top now, and we move into a resthold section.

Girvan eventually gets back into it with a series of clotheslines and elbows. Back-and-forth, and Gunn hits a penalty kick for two. Duelling chants for both men, but from, like five people totally. Girvan to the top, but eats an enzugiri before he can do anything. Girvan eventually gets Gunn into a Electric Chair position, and then hits a One-Winged Angel, somebody call New Japan. Only good for two anyway. Girvan nails another enzugiri, but only just kicks out of a small package straight away. Gunn with another super-kick, more kicks to the back of the head. A series of duelling roll-ups for two. Gunn hits a modified Sister Abigail/Blade Runner for the 1, 2, 3 in just over eight.

Winner: B.T. Gunn, but the lawsuits are pending.

Verdict: Entertaining enough, especially the last two minutes or so.

Straight into the Tale of the Tape for the next match. Mark Coffey has lots of confidence being picked to represent his country. Drew Galloway, still WCPW Champion even though he’s literally a day away from debuting in NXT, wants to give Scotland something to be proud of. Says he and Mark will “beat the crap out of each other.” Coffey says if he can beat Drew, he’ll have all the confidence he needs. Galloway is going to win because he “is Drew F**king Galloway”. Again, the delivery isn’t in these promos.

Mark Coffey vs Drew Galloway (WCPW Pro-Wrestling World Cup Scottish Preliminary Semi-Final #4)

Big pop for Galloway as he comes out. He’s still down as WCPW Champion, as commentary confirms, but he’ll drop the belt at a show going out a month or so after this. Some streamers thrown into the ring, ala Japan, to Striker’s annoyance, declaring it “shall I say, markish”. You’d assume Drew should lose here seeing as how he’s off, but hard to see it actually happening.

Face-to-face stare off to start. Galloway takes up the centre of the ring while Coffey dances around him. When he gets near Galloway used the power of a “3MB” chant to land a Scoop Slam. Looks like there’s a problem with the lights over the ring, just a little too dark. Galloway floored by a drop-kick, which gets two. Coffey laying in some loud chops. Hanging Drew up on the ropes, knee strikes to the back. Fairly slow offence now, but Galloway picks things up with a swinging slam for two.

Inside cradle from Coffey for two, before he dumps Galloway out into the dark. Coffey follows, and is the victim of the new loudest chop of the night. Drew slingshots Coffey from under the ring, which is the spot of the night so far though the crowd barely reacts. Back inside, Drew gets two. Trading shots, Drew nails a vicious looking headbutt for two. Crowd occasionally getting into it with dulling chants, but they sort of turn into a bit of drone.

More chops, then Coffey nails a big air kick to the head, which I wasn’t aware he could even do. He’s certainly never done anything as cool on NXT UK. Coffey with clotheslines into corner, then a back suplex for two. Goes for a normal suplex, Galloway battles out, goes for the Future Shock, Coffey battles out, hits his suplex but only two. Nice simple, but effective, counter wrestling. Coffey going for the pumphandle, Drew battles out. More trading of shots, Galloway hits a spinebuster/powerbomb kind of thing for two, looked cool. A few more counters and Galloway hits a Stick Piledriver, which I haven’t seen in ages. Only two though, and Striker feels the need to explain that the sport has evolved past the point where such moves would finish matches.

Galloway calling for the Claymore, Coffey gets in a big forearm first for two. Coffey off the ropes and now he eats the Claymore. Future Shock and that’ll be all in just over 11 minutes.

Winner: Drew Galloway, a day removed from becoming Drew McIntyre again. 3MB, 3MB, 3MB!

Verdict: Yeah, this was pretty good, though very hard for someone of Galloway’s size to be the face-in-peril.

Galloway shakes Coffey’s hand after he is declared the victor

On commentary Striker outlines that the recent “Magnificent Seven” match – WCPW’s version of Money In The Bank – ended with Martin Kirby and Travis Banks as the final two, with Kirby emerging victorious. Well, now they go at it as a post-script.

Travis Banks vs Martin Kirby

Kirby out to a great reaction, and interrupts Banks’ – yet another implicated in #SpeakingOut – planned mike-time. Banks responds by jumping him before the bell. Uses his shirt to choke Kirby, to no reaction from the crowd. The heel-in-control middle act starting early here with kicks, strikes and elbow locks. Kirby able to get something going with a Sunset Flip for two, but then misses an enzugiri and is dumped to the outside for more beatdown. Banks gives Striker some lip, to Striker’s general unhappiness.

Back in the ring Kirby able to get back into it with a kick to the head from the apron. Then to the top but Banks dodges a Senton and goes for the cover, but only two. More beatdown for a while before Kirby is able to hit a Slingblade. Then a spear in the corner, a throw, then a twisting reverse drop for two. Banks getting back into it with big clotheslines and a Fishhook Suplex for two. Kirby dodges a second-rope crossbody, goes for the Sablebomb but gets back body dropped instead. Running knee from Banks for two. Picking up a bit now after a slow start.

Kirby counters a suplex with a knee strike, Banks lands on his feet on one from Kirby. Kirby hits an enzugiri with some unintentional help from the ref. Goes for the Zoidberg Elbow, but Banks out of the way. Kirby lands on his feet, but plays possum as Banks missed the landing. Now Banks going for the Zoidberg Elbow but, of course, no-one home. Kirby hits the Sablebomb for the 1, 2, 3 in 7.45.

Winner: Martin Kirby and random comedy turns in matches.

Verdict: The ending was better than the start, and could have used less heel beatdown.

An ad for No Regrets and we’re back with the tournament matches. But before the competitors come out, a suited up Joe Hendry is first, and after briefly jawing with a kid in the front-row, enters the ring. “What a wanker” chants which Hendry tries to shush. Mike isn’t picking Hendry up very well, but he appears to be running down the crowd, lamenting his elimination, “when I talk, you listen” etc. Starts playing up the Prestige, and out comes Gabriel Kidd. Kidd says people use to love Hendry, until he turned heel on Kurt Angle. Runs down Hendry’s various crimes, says its all because Hendry thinks he is someone he is not. While Kidd is still waiting for his first win in WCPW, it’s coming soon, while Hendry has blown all of his opportunities. Says that Hendry isn’t prestigious, he’s  failure and that’s enough for a fight to break out. Hendry beats down Kidd, takes off his belt and commences the whipping. Kidd really isn’t that convincing as this whitebread babyface.

“Security really should be here” says David nonchalantly. Striker isn’t happy, decides to do something himself, and rushes the ring to big “Striker” chants. Hendry backs off, Striker on the mike introduces himself, talks about his own experience, says not to underestimate him just because “I’m dressed like Han Solo” (he is). Runs down Hendry’s disrespect of the crowd and his home-town. Defending the kid at ringside from Hendry’s scorn, he challenges Hendry to a match at the State of Emergency show in his hometown where names will be taken and asses will be kicked. Hendry stalks off. Bit of a weird segment in the middle of the show, and all to sell a match that, according to Cagematch, lasted less than three minutes on that Tampa show.

An ad follows where Adam Blampied plugs “What Culture Extra”. How did that work out Adam?

Striker back on commentary duties as we go to the next match.

Kenny Williams vs Joe Coffey (WCPW Pro-Wrestling World Cup Scottish Preliminary Final #1)

Striker wants to see “Kenny Williams kick Joe Coffey’s ass!”. Coffey jumps Williams before the introductions are done (and before the ring lights come on). To the outside quick enough, Williams avoids a powerbomb and hits a super-kick of his own before being dumped temporarily into the crowd. Back in the ring, Coffey dodges a top rope dive, and hits a spinning backbreaker to zero reaction from a bored sounding crowd.

Coffey throwing Williams around to silence as Striker complains about the Prestige. Some chains and roll-throughs, with Coffey doing good work for a man his size. Locks in the half-Boston Crab, but Williams quickly to the ropes. Back to the outside for a few strikes, with Williams rolling in and out of the ring repeatedly. “Biff Tannen with a beard” is Striker’s description of Coffey. “If only we had the almanac to know whose coming out of this with a victory” adds David. Not sure that sports almanac would have included WCPW matches lads.

Williams gets Coffey into a Camel Clutch position and does some Travellodge keycard shoving of his own, but Coffey powers out of it quick enough. Williams lands a sweet springboard reverse elbow strike to leave both men down. Coffey going for the Black Coffey but Williams dodges, and then ranas Coffey to the outside. Tope, and back inside. A lot of leaving the ring and going back in quick, just pick what you’re doing. Awkward headlock drop from Williams for two. Williams to the top, moonsault, nobody home, lands on his feet, then straight into a powerbomb. Swing, Full Boston Crab and this time Williams gets to the rope for the break. Williams counters the Black Coffey again, goes for a flying crossbody and eats an uppercut for his trouble. Coffey locks in a standing Boston Crab-type thing, and Williams submits in just under nine.

Winner: (and advancing to the finals): Joe Coffey (ugh) and the Prestige I suppose?

Verdict: Perfectly acceptable, but could have used less of Striker giving out on commentary constantly.

Coffey attacks Williams after getting his hand raised, and he and Striker jaw at each other for a bit. Williams gets a polite round of applause as he’s carried out. We go straight into the final tournament match of the night.

Drew Galloway vs B.T. Gunn (WCPW Pro-Wrestling World Cup Scottish Preliminary Final #2)

Gunn tries to antagonise Striker as he comes out, and the Prestige-dominance of everything tonight is starting to get a bit tiresome. Because it is the theme of the night, Gunn hits a super-kick before the bell, for two. Galloway not being beatdown for too long, gets Gunn in the corner and starts laying in the chops, but then Gunn takes over with some basic offence. As stated before, hard to buy Drew as a face-in-peril, and things look more realistic when he starts laying in the strikes, the charges to the corner and the clotheslines to the outside.

Crowd not really into the outside brawling too much. Up onto the ramp (“the largest stage in the world” says Striker, and come on now), Gunn sets up a suplex off the stage, but Galloway counters it into his own. No ref count happening. Galloway gets Gunn in the fireman’s carry, but Gunn shoves Galloway into the ringpost before they get to the ring, and the crowd is indulging the hecklers. Galloway hits a second rope superplex, and both men down.

Exchanging chops as they rise, and that’s half this match so far. Galloway nails a Glasgow Kiss, Gunn with a spinning heel kick, and Galloway with the Claymore. It’s just a signature here, so only two. Sets up the Future Shock, Gunn battles out, and then Galloway hits a very awkward looking reverse Alabama Slam while a cameraman falls over at ringside. Gunn with repeated knee strikes, then a Codebreaker off the second rope for two. Gunn goes for his modified Abigail finisher, Galloway battles out, Stick Piledriver, Future Shock, and that’s all in just over eight and a half.

Winner (and advancing to the finals): Drew Galloway…or is he? (He isn’t)

Verdict: Surprising result seeing as how NXT is calling, so we’ll see how they handle it. A bit too much outside brawling, but it was fine.

An ad for State of Emergency, and then we’re straight into our main event.

Will Ospreay w/Bea Priestly vs Marty Scurll vs Matt Riddle (Triple Threat) (non-title)

Ospreay  – and both he and his girlfriend have had some unpleasent accusations thrown their way recently, I’m not forgetting – on the mike to introduce his “b-e-a-utiful girlfriend” Priestly who had “to spend her birthday in this hole”. He tries to lead a reluctant crowd in singing “Happy Birthday” to her, to no success. Says he doesn’t care about Scotland’s World Cup qualifiers, because Scotland doesn’t have a chance in hell against Eng-er-land. Biggest chant of the night is “SCOTLAND” in response, so, as cheap as it is, it’s working. Riddle and Scurll get good responses too, but no mike time.

No context for this one, and no titles on the line. Scurll and Ospreay beatdown Riddle to start, Riddle responds with Brothrows to all, German suplex, gutwrenches, etc. “Suplex City” chants as Riddle lays in the Yes Kicks. Scurll and Ospreay re-gaining the advantage with their own kicks, until Ospreay plays the betrayer and dropkicks the Villain to the outside. Teases a tope, then stops, only to walk into a kick from Riddle. Very fast-paced so far.

Riddle and Ospreay in the ring , Stinger Splash from Riddle, then an Exploder, then a Senton, but only two. Scurll begs off from Riddle, and offers a handshake. Fingers are crossed behind his back, and when the handshake is made he hits a modified Michinoku Driver for two. Scurll laying in the kicks, but then Riddle rallies back with chops. Ospreay drags him outside, and sends him into the barricade. Ospreay floors Scurll on the apron and nails a big dropkick to a prone Villain. Apes Okada and goes for the Rainmaker, but Scurll dodges, and then Riddle in to give a German Suplex to both at the same time.

Pele Kick to Ospreay and then to Scurll. Stinger Splashes to both, then baits Ospreay into Scissor Kicking Scurll. Fisherman Buster to Ospreay for two. Riddle looking very good so far. Ospreay battles out of a powerslam, hangs Riddle up on the ropes. Scurll hits a falling suplex on Riddle for two. A delayed piledriver, again for two. Scurll calling for the Chickenwing but Ospreay in to give a handspring knee strike to both opponents. Unphenomenal Forearm off the top for two. Mental pace to this. “I love pro-wrestling” says Striker. Me too.

Scurll and Ospreay exchanging slaps while Riddle takes a breather. Scurll takes Ospreay’s legs out from under him, then a succession of kicks from all three men, culminating in simultaneous head kicks that sends them all down. Three-way strikes, chops and slaps as the three rise. Scurll and Ospreay team-up again to kick Riddle into temporary oblivion. Scurll with a fingerbreak spot on Ospreay, then a toebreak to Riddle. Roll-up on Scurll from Ospreay for two, Nandos Kick on both, but only two on Riddle. As you would expect, kind-of hard to keep up with this one.

Ospreay follows up with a springboard crossbody on Scurll on the outside, then walks into a jumping Tombstone from Riddle. Mental sequence. 1, 2, and Priestly distracts the ref. Scurll and Riddle confront her at ringside, but dodge back to let Ospreay unintentionally nail her with a tope to “You fucked up” chants. Riddle hits Ospreay with the Bro 2 Sleep, then gets hit by Scurll’s umbrella while the ref is looking elsewhere (not that it should matter in a Triple Threat, right?). Scurll in, Chickenwing on Ospreay, and the Aerial Assassin taps out in just over 13.

Winner: Marty Scurll and long live shoot-style.

Verdict: As fast-paced and hard-hitting as you would expect. Very fun, but obviously lacked a little something in stakes.

That’s all we’ve got time for.

Best Match: I think I will actually give it to the main event, which entertained greatly with its speed and ferocity. Not that the other matches were bad, but none of them was really far above average.

Best Wrestler: Will give this one to Drew Galloway. For such a big guy he’s so quick, and he fully deserves his current spotlight.

Worst Match: No bad matches tonight, but the sudden “Striker vs the Prestige” angle that played over Coffey/Williams made it less enjoyable than it should have been.

Worst Wrestler: Still not quite seeing what is so great about Joe Hendry that he and his faction need to be on-screen all the damn time.

Overall Verdict: A decent, if largely unspectacular, show. The technical issues abounded, and the crowd could have been better, but the performers made sure there were no duds, there was room for comedy, hard-hitting and speedy stuff in their turn. No women wrestling on the second show is a bit lame though. They need to cool it with the Prestige stuff as well. Still, I would recommend this one.

To view more entries in this series, click here to go to the index.

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