NFB’s Top Ten For The Year (2018)

The years go by, and 2018 was no exception. Please find below my top ten posts of last year.

As I said in this post twelve months ago, full-time work and other commitments have limited the amount of time that I can dedicate to this site, and that hasn’t really changed. I do want to increase the amount of films I review over last year, which was down a bit on 2017, so I may revert to more of my triple reviews. There will, of course, be Ireland’s Wars, more Perfect Scenes and maybe a few new things here and there. For now, thanks to all readers and subscribers, and I hope you’ll stick around in this new year.

10. Ireland’s Wars: Operations Michael

9. The Hobbit, Chapter-by-Chapter: Queer Lodgings

8. Review: Black Panther

7. Review – Avengers: Infinity War

6. The Hobbit, Chapter-By-Chapter: Roast Mutton

5. 8th Amendment Repeal: Why I’m Voting “Yes”

4. The Hobbit, Chapter-By-Chapter: An Unexpected Party

3. Aras 18: 10 Questions For Irish Presidential Candidates

2. The Hobbit, Chapter-By-Chapter: Riddles In The Dark

1. The Hobbit, Chapter-By-Chapter: Index

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