NFB’s Top Ten For The Year 2017

Welcome to 2018. As per tradition, outlined below are my top ten posts for the year.

It’s been a busy 12 months for me. Work continues to be busy but, thankfully, full-time. That meant a reduction in the amount of weekly posts to two, focusing primarily on Ireland’s Wars and film reviews, as evidence by the make-up of the top ten. That’s likely to continue for the time being and, indeed, it may even fall further depending on circumstances. But we’re not going anywhere just yet.

10. Ireland’s Wars: The Royal Irish Regiment In The 19th Century

9. Review: Dunkirk

8. The Villain Checklist

7. Ireland’s Wars: The Phoenix Park Murders

6. Ireland’s Wars: The Boer War In Ireland

5. Ireland’s Wars: A New Departure

4. The Villain Checklist: Goal/Motivation

3. Ireland’s Wars: The Land War

2. Review: Their Finest

1. Review: Pilgrimage

As always, I want to give a hearty thanks and appreciation to all readers, commenters and subscribers. This place continues to be a favourite hobby and outlet for me, and honestly I’m not sure what I would be doing without it. Here’s to 2018.

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