NFB’s Top Ten For 2016

Another year has been and gone, and as is tradition I would like to present a top ten for the year. Some definite trends in the below, namely how six of the ten are political posts based on 2016’s elections, with three of the other four being film reviews.

I stopped regularly commenting on political matters a while ago because I was getting increasingly bored by the repetitive nature of it and the overly-sensationalised approach that news outlets were taking towards every other thing. The election allowed me the chance to have a very specific short-term focus, and write the kind of political stuff that I like to write about, namely more about “the game” of politics, namely, electoral analysis. Don’t go expecting more politics stuff then, unless another election comes along.

So, without further ado:

10. Kildare North (22 Days To Election)

9. In Defence Of RTE’s Rebellion

8. Who I’m Voting For In The 2016 Seanad Election

7. Kildare North: James Lawless, Frank O’Rourke (Fianna Fail)

6. Review: Sing Street

5. Review: The Truth Commissioner

4. Kildare North: Michael Beirne, Gerard Dunne, Elizabeth O’Sullivan, Brendan Young (Independents)

3. The NUI Seanad Election Results (2016)

2. Seanad 2016: The NUI Panel

1. Review: The Siege Of Jadotville

At the start of every year I always have lots of ambitious plans for new post series and the like, and I frequently am unable to bring them to a proper fruition. This year, that’s more the case than in previous years, as I am currently in full-time, and rather hectic, employment, that is as stable as I have had it in a while. So no big promises right now, but I do hope to freshen things up a bit, just a little, maybe with less film reviews and more film analysis. It’s all just ideas, but I hope you stick with me still. As always, I would like to extend my appreciation to all readers, subscribers and well-wishers for your continued support. Here’s to 2017.

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