Kildare North: Sixth Count

The count continues, here’s iteration six, as Young’s votes are re-distributed:

Murphy (SD): 11108 (Elected)

Lawless (FF): 8003 (+84)

O’Rourke (FF): 6879 (+168)

Durkan (FG):  6534 (+62)

Lawlor (FG): 5767 (+53)

Stagg (LAB): 4632 (+144)

Cronin (SF): 4146 (+438)

Ni Fhalluin (G): 2419 (+399)

Young (IND): 1858 (Eliminated)

FitzGerald (R): 1236 (Eliminated)

Merriman (A-P): 943 (Eliminated)

Beirne (IND): 389 (Eliminated)

Dunne (IND): 261 (Eliminated)

O’Sullivan (IND): 119 (Eliminated)

Which put visually is like this:


Lawless is very slowly edging towards that 9788 number, clear daylight between him and O’Rourke now. Durkan still within touching distance of O’Rourke too, important to note. Ni Fhalluin’s vote will now be distributed, and it’s now that things have real potential to change. Cronin needs a huge boost to stay in it, she certainly didn’t get it from Young though. Stagg is circling the abyss, and the FG candidates would sure love a big helping hand at this point. Updates to follow, but probably not till later tonight.

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